Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box

Earlier this year (March 2018) I followed an online discussion about “mystery boxes” amongst Greg Bishop and some members of his Radio Misterioso podcast fan group online.  It prompted me to write up an experience I had which involved one of these enigmatic boxes.

I’ve long been perplexed by the small boxes which show up in many entity reports. Are they a mundane technology or an object with a more subtle purpose?

In the aforementioned discussion Greg wrote: “The mystery box could be seen as an empty space at the center of these puzzles which we fill with meaning.”

I think this isn’t far off. But I wonder who creates that empty space and who provides the meaning?

I became more interested in mystery boxes when, about 15 years ago, I saw one myself.  I didn’t realize a definitive answer from the experience but it did generate questions.

At the time I was in the process of precipitating synchronicities: through attention to the concept of synchronicity as well as to individual synchronicities, mine and those occurring to others. My aim was to receive a diagnosis of a brutal physical problem which had been puzzling various doctors for two and a half years.

Why would I come up with such a scheme? Well, I’ve had episodes of chronic severe asthma since the age of 15, with periods of stable health between. Early on I noticed that each period of illness ended when I had a mystical experience involving an otherworldly being.

While this pattern was clear to me, at the time I had trouble devising a way into the mystical without being desperately ill. My current problem severely impacted my daily life but I was in no danger of dying.

Now at the time in question I had been reading a book on synchronicities and was struck by the ease of precipitating them – only attention is required. I had an appointment with a neurologist coming up in a month and reasoned that a bunch of synchronicities may help draw some of that numinous energy into my health situation and bring about a diagnosis.

Or not – but I thought it would be interesting as a small experiment so I commenced.

I did experience a number of synchronicities over the weeks, and the day of my appointment arrived. It was scheduled for early afternoon so in the morning I set out on my daily walk on the local walk/bike trail (which followed a main road by my house).  There weren’t a lot of regular walkers, so we knew each other to talk or say hello.

I walked to the end of my route and returned along the same path. Walking up a small hill I saw one of the regulars. It was “Pam” walking her older dog “Biscuit” and another dog I had never seen before.  Pam and Biscuit were regulars and while Pam and I didn’t have much in common we both loved Biscuit so I’d always stop and have a pet with him.

After spotting the trio and watching them for several seconds my attention wandered somehow, for a moment (less than one stride). When I focused again, Pam and the new dog were still there but Biscuit’s space was now occupied by a small, white, translucent cube.

Then all three disappeared.

This caught my attention but I kept an open mind to see what, if anything, would happen.  In only a minute or so Pam and her new puppy crested the small hill I was walking up, duplicating what I’d seen minutes before, and she let me know that Biscuit had recently died.

Within hours of seeing my neighbor and her dog’s doppelgängers accompanied by a ghost dog I had my diagnosis.

While this experience took place years ago, when it comes to how and why things unfolded as they did I’m still largely flummoxed.

Why would seeing my neighbor and dog’s doppelgängers have any connection with resolving a dastardly physical problem?

And why would I see a ghost dog as a small, white translucent cube?

I still wonder.


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