Grinning Man on The Gralien Report

In the early 2000’s my husband Anthony and I encountered a grinning man while driving in the Sierra Nevada mountains south of Yosemite. In 2014 I wrote an email to Micah Hanks detailing the event and he read it on The Gralien Report.

My account starts at around 32:00, however if you begin listening at 23:00 you’ll understand the Fortean/Fourteen synchronicity which unfolds as Micah and Caleb discuss my sighting. There’s also a nice synchronicity involving John Keel’s “Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings”.

I’d forgotten these synchronicities until I listened again recently. The “mutilated squirrel” story is lots of fun and reflects my own taste for writing up esoterically themed prank pieces.

I neglected to include some background on North Fork in my email. Both of my parents spent summers in North Fork when they were growing up. They both lived in Fresno, CA at the time but my father’s uncle Bob ran the gas station in town and my mother’s Cousin Les ran the Buckhorn Lodge right next door, though they never met as children. I spent a fair amount of time in North Fork as a child, we would stop and visit every summer on our way to and from camping trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains. My mother’s family also goes back to the Chukchansi tribe who lived very near this area.

If only every one of my accounts could be read by Micah Hanks!


re: pranks. At link I ask, “Is Bigfoot building ritual structures in the heart of the Napa Wine Country?”

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