Fight Club Synchronicity Contagion

One striking characteristic of synchronicities is the way they propagate by contagion. Thinking or reading about the concept of synchronicity or a particular instance of synchronicity is one of the best methods for drumming up synchronicity in your own field of awareness.

Recently I was caught up in a particularly nice example of this process.  I’ll begin my recounting of this experience on twitter, where Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka chose to recount a string of synchronicities involving her book “American Cosmic” and the movie “Fight Club”, in particular the character Tyler D.  Dr. Pasulka lays out the events and their deeper meanings concisely and effectively in her tweets which I reproduce below.


This is a meaty series of synchronicities – unfolding over time in interactions with various people, with many levels of meaning. I love the way certain synchronicities reward careful reading as you would a poem or novel, and this is the case with Dr. Pasulka’s narrative here. You can read further insights by various commenters at the links to the tweets at the end of this article.

I had no awareness of these tweets until a few hours after they were written. I was visiting Nevada City, CA, attending the last day of the street fair called A Victorian Christmas. It had been raining for hours and I had no umbrella, so in the late afternoon I suggested to my husband that we stop into the Curly Wolf coffee shop to get something warm to drink and get out of the rain. While waiting for our drinks I took a picture of two guys playing videogames to send to a podcasting friend of mine, Roejen Razorwire of Project Archivist. I always think of Roejen when I’m at this shop as he’s an avid player of board and role-playing games and one particular table seems to be reserved for gamers in the Curly Wolf.

I sent the gamer picture along to Roejen, who responded right away (unusual as we’re in different timezones, etc.). We went back and forth as I tried to convey the feel of Nevada City and this particular cafe (excruciatingly hip and very haunted, in fact this cafe shares a wall with the National Hotel which was featured on a popular ghost hunting show).


Two things happened next and I can’t remember which happened first. One was that I read Dr. Pasulka’s final tweet about Fight Club synchronicities and started thinking about a reply. The other was that a man wearing a floor length fake fur coat entered the Curly Wolf.  He stood in the one spot from which I had a clear view for long enough that I could take two good pictures of him. The latter was unusual because the city was overrun with people for Victorian Christmas and it was difficult to get a clear view of anyone or anything for photographs.

The fur wearing guy was unique and fabulous and embodying the spirit of Nevada City, so I sent his pic to Roejen. Then I went back to twitter and started to compose a response to Ms. Pasulka’s third tweet with the picture of Brad Pitt looking beat up. I was only a few words in when Roejen messaged me to say the guy in the fur coat reminded him of Fight Club.

I was stunned – but not so stunned I neglected to take a screenshot!

I’ve never seen Fight Club, though I have read enough synopses and comments on it to have a grasp of the plot. But I had no idea why the man in the Curly Wolf had anything to do with Fight Club – until i looked more closely at the picture of Brad Pitt which Dr. Pasulka chose to accompany her tweet. Mr. Pitt is wearing a fur coat with his neck bare, just as was the man in the cafe.

One can argue that my attention was drawn to the fur wearing man because i’d subliminally picked up on Tyler D’s look in the picture. This seems only reasonable (provided that I did see the tweet before the fur man). But how reasonable is it that this man showed up at all attired as he was, that he showed up right in front of me – I didn’t have to even shift my weight to take his picture – and that Roejen would reply on his resemblance to Tyler D exactly as I was writing my own remarks on a tweet illustrated with Tyler D in fur coat?


I’ll end with a couple of observations.  First, in my experience practice helps if you’re wanting to propagate bigger and better synchronicities. Roejen Razorwire has long been subject to experiencing many synchronicities as have I. I’ve also spent much time and energy deliberately trying to instigate synchronicities over many decades.

Regarding the meaning of this synchronicity, on my end I see two threads right away. When Steve Ray and I spent over half a year experimenting on Radio Misterioso in an attempt to generate synchronicities we spoke to no one of our efforts during all that time. This includes each other, we communicated solely by time and date stamped electronic means.

And, while i’m a nauseatingly non-competitive person in almost every aspect of life, I have a horribly competitive streak when it comes to precipitating outlandish synchronicities with physical components.


Listen to Roejen Razorwire on Project Archivist here:

Links to Dr. Pasulka’s Fight Club synchronicity tweets:

Dr. Pasulka interviewed about “American Cosmic” on Radio Misterioso:



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