Intentional OBE and Crown Synchronicity


Four Stories from the Life of St. Nicholas by Ambrogio Lorenzetti c. 1327-1332


I will be publishing my method for precipitating synchronicities on this blog. Before I do so I want to publish this account of psychic experimentation which possibly produced an unintended, harmful result.

Thankfully this result had no lasting repercussions. But I feel strongly that it is wise for prospective practitioners to consider how they might react if something unexpected and unwelcome shows up in your awareness. If you cannot face this idea with equanimity and the discipline necessary to disengage mindfully from your experiment, I recommend you concentrate on developing these qualities before attempting to manifest anything via psychic means.

This example shows why people do experiment in nonideal circumstances even when they know it’s unwise. Physical illness or stress loosens the anchors binding consciousness to the body thus facilitating trance and astral travel. Fortunately such extreme measures, while effective, are by no means essential to success.


I’m writing to tell you about an experience which illustrates some of the risky or unpleasant situations which may emerge during psychic experimentation, for example if you are attempting to create synchronicities, lucid dream, divine the future, or manifest through sigil.

Last February one of my teeth became infected.  As my immune system isn’t great, and the tooth was pretty beat up, the infection didn’t result in tooth pain so much as fever – I was exhausted, had chills, sweats, couldn’t sleep, etc.

I visited my dentist for a referral, but couldn’t get in to see the oral surgeon about having the tooth removed for a week. In the meantime, the first antibiotics they tried didn’t work, the broad spectrum ones did but threw my guts into an uproar, etc. so I was continuing miserable.

I was especially worried prior to the extraction because I’d had to have two attempts at my last tooth extraction, a few months prior.  After 45 minutes of me sweating in the chair they couldn’t numb the tooth due to it being infected. The oral surgeon removed it easily with IV sedation a week later; but that doctor wasn’t available. The doctor taking this tooth out didn’t use the same medicines and was worried I’d have a bad reaction if he did. So he proposed to get me high as fuck, numb me up and yank that sucker.

Gentleman that he is, he did.

But I didn’t know that the week before. I was also fretting because the tooth slated for extraction had a crown. I was certain it would break off during the removal and cause some type of gruesome complication. Reasonably, oral surgeons deal with this all the time, but my mind was undisciplined due to how ill I was and I couldn’t get the thought of the crown coming off out of my head.

I felt physically below par, was experiencing unpleasant emotions out of my control, and was unable to discipline my thoughts.  I was a textbook example of circumstances in which when YOU SHOULD NOT embark on psychic experimentation.

But I did. An online friend and I had begun listening to Robert Monroe’s Hemi Sync audio files, seeing if we could trigger intentional Out of Body Experiences. As I couldn’t sleep anyway, I’d listen and do my best to meditate and visualize along. My results were pretty sketch and I spent a fair amount of time squirming around, scratching, etc. but the audio is absolutely pristine and it took my mind off of that evil crown.

The big day arrived. I arrive at the oral surgeon pretty blotto on valium, and they hook me up to the nitrous oxide.  I’ve nothing better to do when I’m sitting there so I decide on a whim to try for an OBE. I’d had one spontaneous OBE prior to hat time, a few years before, but I’d never left the body intentionally. I’d relaxed into a pretty expanded state of consciousness when the doctor comes in and injects the numbing agent.

More waiting. This time, I start hearing a very loud vibration which I took to be the gas compressor (it wasn’t) and suddenly I’m up near the ceiling, everything is very bright and golden, I am no longer high, I’m shaped like a blobby manta ray and most strikingly I’m hearing breathing behind me. I twigged I was out of body and decided to think of taking a breath. I felt nothing but could hear the breathing behind me triggered by my intention.

Then the doctor came in and I was back in my body. The extraction was quick and pain free.

My mom drove me to the oral surgeons’, on the way home we stopped to get my pain meds and sundries. I stayed in the car and messaged my friend that I had had success!!!

When my mom and I got back home we were both hungry, so we set to first thing. Mom takes one bite of her lunch, says: “Oh God” and brings her hand up to her mouth. She spits something out and shows it to me – a crown had just popped off one of her teeth.

In case it isn’t obvious, this is exactly the type of incident where people lose their heads and make things worse for themselves by overreacting and feeding the phenomenon. Watching your private, interior thoughts play out in the physical environment is enough to cause an epistemological crisis even if that content is silly or neutral. When that content causes harm to someone else, the distress and guilt are very real no matter the “objective truth” of the situation. That’s exactly the time when you dissolve your experiment.

I love my mom, a couple of years ago she broke her back, had to move house and have pelvic reconstruction surgery. I came to live with her and help her out and am incredibly grateful I was in a position to do so. So the last thing I would intend is to cause her any pain or discomfort.

When I saw mom’s crown in her hand I was fortunate to still be pretty blasted from the valium which helped me to keep an even emotional keel. I’d also had enough experience with meditation, as well as inducing synchronicities, to be able to recognize when I need to take care of practicalities while remaining emotionally/mentally neutral. This is the essence of dismantling a psychic endeavor (I expand on this procedure in my synchronicity instructions to be posted in future). I insisted that mom call her dentist right away, and she had the crown re-installed the next morning with no fuss and only a $30 co pay.

But I was very careful to remain neutral about the practicalities and not discuss or dwell on it more than strictly necessary. I stopped communication with my friend until I felt things had cooled down, no more listening to HemiSync, I didn’t immediately write up the distressing part of the experience. I was too wiped out to walk, so made sure to at least eat regularly (both activities are grounding and help tamp down psychism). No reading about synchronicities or listening to podcasts about weird stories (actually I slipped up on the last one haha).

Thankfully mom losing her crown was the only unpleasantness which occurred and it was easily rectified.

Now, this all could have been a coincidence. Mom did have a different crown fall off a couple of decades ago, though this crown was only eight years old. But I can assure you that the first time you deliberately set out to drum up some synchronicities or manifestations and things go sideways you’ll be sweating.

That’s why I recommend detailed, written planning on how to take it all apart BEFORE you begin any experiment.  Not only will it give you confidence but referring to written notes will help you keep your head.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  Best Wishes on your own experiments!

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