Project Archivist Apperances: Book and Podcast List

14b jul 2012


I was delighted to speak with Roejen Razorwire and Lobo Matias after listening to their podcast, and corresponding with them, for about eight years. It turns out that Roejen and I have had very similar experiences with telepathic empathy over the decades. Admitting such a thing in relation to the well being of a loved one is difficult enough to discuss openly in our culture, but we get into the stranger aspects of empathy where one can be privy to the more passionate doings of the people around you.

I was very nervous about addressing this topic publicly. Fortunately Roejen brought it up and we had an illuminating conversation about the path of the telepathic empath. What a treat to be able to speak frankly and honestly with a person who has had similar experiences! Lobo’s contributions were invaluable, transmitting the same information on esoteric practices from the Yin and Yang perspectives both should make this material more accessible to listeners.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude towards everyone who has listened to this conversation with open heart and mind. Roejen received many positive messages about this episode, and we spoke again a few days later to address the “Carbeque” and continue our former discussion.

I referenced many books and podcasts in these talks, so I’ve made a list of links. If I’ve missed something you’re interested please let me know and I’ll scare it up for you.


Project Archivist Episode 291: Stephanie Quick, Near Death Experience, Synchronicity, and Empathy

Stasis Episode 10: Steph Quick-The Rest of the Burning Car Story and Digging Just a Bit Deeper


Resources mentioned on the shows

P.M.H. Atwater “Coming Back to Life: Examining the Aftereffects of the Near Death Experience”

International Association of Near Death Studies characteristics of the Near Death Experience

Leslie Temple Thurston, my meditation teacher, offers some free resources on her site

Evelyn Eaton “I Send A Voice” shaman girlfriend has a cameo in this book

Joplin Tornado vs. King Crimson: In order to get a feel for my experience, use earbuds or headphones and crank the volume up to eleven.

Joplin Tornado

King Crimson “Starless”


Jacques Vallee “Confrontation” and “Messengers of Deception

Radio Misterioso show where Steve Ray and I discuss our experiment with host Greg Bishop. Links to the spreadsheets and images may be accessed from this page

Jacques Vallee: J. B. Rhine Address to the 61st Annual Parapsychological Association Convention

Greg Bishop interviews David Metcalfe

Lewis Hyde “The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property” for learning about how exchange of food, sex, and more affect human society h/t to George P. Hansen – another excellent source for learning about the relationship between sex and the paranormal

Dion Fortune: many of her books discusses all things esoteric, including the ethical issues involved, in  fiction and nonfiction form. “Psychic Self Defence” (non fiction) and “The Secrets of Dr. Tavener” (fiction) should get you started

Shattered Reality podcast talks to Dr. Julie Beischel on her work investigating mediums – people who claim communication with the dead. Shattered Reality is an amazing resource for thoughtful discussion on all aspects of the paranormal, dig in!!

Vere Chappell :Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock”

Vere Chappell has made Ida Craddock’s “Heavenly Bridegrooms” available to read at his site

Jeffrey Mishlove “The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter”

Me and Paranormal You with host Ryan Singer:

Jeffrey Mishlove interview

My talk with Ryan Singer


Michael Hughes Bind Trump

Gary Lachman “Dark Star Rising: Magic and Power in the Age of Trump”  


Bonus Hilarity

“Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

You can’t expect to wield supreme power just ’cause some watery tart threw a sword at you.

If I went around saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away.

However, given the current state of politics, I’m willing to consider alternatives to democracy

Anthony’s joke which I massacred at the end of the Stasis episode (the audio glitches didn’t help): The background to this joke is that Ida Craddock claimed to have married her beau from when she was a teenager – but that beau had died many years before he showed up as a spiritual being in Ms. Craddock’s consciousness and – well, between her legs. They had a very active and mystical sex life as a married couple even though he was beyond the grave.

So Anthony’s line was: “Don’t mind those slurping noises, dear, I’m just giving a spiritual blow job!”


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