Talking Sex Magic with Roejen Razorwire

Psyche by Shawn Chapman

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing sex magic with Roejen! I’ve compiled the books and websites I mention on the show here. This is by no means a comprehensive list, it’s simply authors I’ve found personally useful and who address aspects of sex magic and esoteric philosophy which I find interesting.

As always, remain skeptical yet open minded when dealing with any esoteric material and respect yourself and others. Do remember to have fun!

Illustration: Cupid and Psyche by my friend Shawn Chapman, who I talk about in the show. Psyche of course is the patron saint of all sex magicians, as she literally fucked her way to goddesshood.

Dion Fortune wrote a number of books on all things esoteric, fiction and nonfiction. I don’t agree with some of her observations and conclusions on gender roles and how society is structured, but she recounts many interesting tales about strange psychic happenings, esoteric theory and practice.

Psychic Self Defense is a classic for a reason. Come for the weird stories, stay for the esoteric theory and practical tips on avoiding drama on the inner planes.

Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage – rather victorian in the morality she draws out of her meditaion on the esoteric aspects of sex and reproduction. The esoteric theory she outlines can be helpful in understanding just what the heck is going on in these mind-blowing tantric sessions, and her overall advice to be a decent person in magical doings as well as in mundane life is eminently sensible.

The Sea Priestess and Moon Magic – two novels following the ritual adventures of Morgan Le Fay, 100+ year old goddess priestess in early twentieth century Britain. Some of the best books to read on the hows and whys of higher sex magic. Many practical tips, especially in Moon Magic. Strange stories too!

My friend Alexx Bollen writes about the big sex magic (alchemical wedding) in his novel Periphery, even though he thinks Dion Fortune was bullshitting.

Ida Craddock: Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic by Vere Chappell. This book has a nice biography of Ida Craddock as well as reproducing her most famous writings, including “Heavenly Bridegrooms”. Vere Chappell has a website with much of the information from the book and Craddock’s writings available. “Heavenly Bridegrooms” should be required reading for anyone interested in relations between humans and aliens, fairy, asian foxes, ghosts, etc. “Psychic Wedlock” details her own system of sex magic. Interestingly, though personally I feel Craddock and Crowley have in many respects radically opposing views on sex magic Crowley endorsed Craddocks’s work enthusiastically.

Paschal Beverly Randolph. T. Allen Greenfield has written on P.B. Randolph’s life in books and articles. His 2000 article is a nice introduction to PBR’s life and work.

The Lucky Mojo website has a huge amount of material on sex magic, much of it written clearly and insightfuly by Catherine Yronwode. You can find out about the history and practice of male continence, extended orgasm (as distinct from multiple orgasm), why everyone keeps recommending you go at it for at least 40 or so minutes, they even have a Spanish language section. Dive on in for hours of fun and enlightenment!

Colin Wilson’s The Occult has sections on both Aleister Crowley and Rasputin. Wilson discusses sex magic and it’s relation to the magician’s life as a whole especially from the ethical/moral angle.

Paul Weston describes a very complicated sex magic ritual invoking a deceased Egyptian pharoahess who recruits new followers to her religious line through sexual charisma and ecstasy. Fascinating account of a Kenneth Grant group working in the 1950’s, Weston is quite the storyteller but his accent is so thick I had to listen like eight or nine times in a row to make sure I was hearing aright. The Grant ritual begins around 33:00 in but the entire show is delightful.

My experiences at a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center which helped crystallize my interest in sex magic as a young woman.


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