Magic, Mysticism, and the Paranormal: Sex Notes for Conspirinormal


hold me phone off hook

still from “Hold Me While I’m Naked”, the 1966 underground classic by George Kuchar


My most profound gratitude to the people who have shared their experiences and insights with me.  Your trust in me gives me the confidence to speak on these topics. Namaste.

Special thanks to Seriah Azkath, Greg Bishop, Alexx Bollen, Heather Walker Cecil, Mike Clelland, Susan Demeter St. Clare, Allen Greenfield, Roejen Razorwire, Rowena Zane, and of course Adam Sayne, Serfiel Stevenson, and Wren Collier for their good-natured reaction to my “smackdown”.

Conspirinormal episode 281

Listen to the Conspirinormal episode here:


This is the show prep I did prior to my interview for Conspirinormal on September 17, 2019. I added a few references that came up during the show or which I saw to be pertinent afterwards. Let me know if i’ve left out something you’d like to see here.


An Esoteric Framework for Looking at Sex in it’s Subtle Manifestations

Sex drive – the desire to create as it moves thru the individual towards outer reality

Sex function – the interchange and transformation of creative energy and information between beings in polarity

Sex magic – creating conditions in outer reality thru will

Sex/erotic mysticism – inducing/allowing expanded states of consciousness and knowledge of the divine using sexual energy

Sex alchemy – mysticism/magick combo pursued in order to bring about personal transformation, including immortality


All systems of magic and mysticism work with various models of the subtle and gross structures/energies inside of and surrounding the individual.

Examples include:

1. Body – Emotions – Mind

2. Physical – Lower Astral – Upper Astral – Concrete Mind – Abstract Mind – Concrete Spirit – Pure Spirit or Abstract Spirit

3. Spine of light/energy (sushunma) which is supported by the nadis, which combined structure feeds energy to and thru the chakras

4. Chinese system of various types of chi energy present in individuals and flowing throughout the surrounding landscape. Acupuncture works with a complex system of energy channels in the human body, and feng shui does the same with energy flows in the landscape, Taoism has developed practices and philosophies in order to bring these inner and outer systems into harmony.

Bear in mind that different models of the subtle structures exist in the various systems, though there is a lot of overlap (number and exact position of chakras may vary in systems that teach of chakras).


THE SUBTLE BODY AND THE CHAKRA... india.. punjaab hills..1850..


THE SUBTLE BODY AND THE CHAKRA… india.. punjaab hills..1850,


Modern medico/psychological thinking tends to discount the subtler exchanges involved in sex. But if all that sex involved was the physical release of orgasm, then prostitution, porn and the acceptance of masturbation and use of widely available sex toys should have everyone feeling fine.

However, many people still feel cut off from life because they don’t have a partner. Incels state this quite explicitly in their many screeds. While their ethical stance is appalling (and faulty, rape is in no way equivalent to freely given love) they are correct in identifying the nature of their problem. I believe it worthwhile to address polarized exchange on the subtler levels as a way to awaken people to their true sexual nature, thus bringing about reconciliation and harmony with their outer reality.


Sex Magic 101 at We The Hallowed, an excellent site for unique esoteric writing, art, and music


My Rules for Sex Magic with Others



Conspirinormal Episode #273 with Wren Collier on OTO, Thelema, and Crowley

My ‘rebuttal’ video


Conspirinormal Episode 279 with Seriah Azkath on sex magick, the occult, and paranormal entertainment.



My Synch Experiment with Steve Ray – audio of our discussion about our experiment with Greg Bishop as well as spreadsheets of our communication, transcripts of the shows, pictures, etc.

“You dreamt of agreeing with a faceless correspondent to think about milk and thereby influence a radio show?

You have some bucket list!”

Steve Ray, in correspondence with Stephanie Quick, April 18, 2016

Quick and Ray – A Psychic Influencing Experiment


Pamela Stonebrooke had a sexual relationship with a reptilian, and facilitated contact with him and other reptilians through cultivating her ability to travel out of the body. Her conversation with Greg Bishop is delightful, insightful, and whimsical.
Special thanks to Greg Bishop for making this audio available.

Pamela Stonebrooke: Reptilian Encounters

Jeff Kripal discusses his experience overcoming anorexia as a young man thru his insight into the role sexual repression played in this imbalance (while working in polarity with a psychotherapist); and recounts his mystical encounter at the whim of Kali with a very nice description of the use of sexual desire and connection to precipitate expanded consciousness.

This is the show Adam Sayne and I encourage Serfiel Stevenson to listen to for the echoes with his own experience of seeing a blue woman on a snake while his lower chakras wake up.

Jeff Kripal – Meaning vs. Mechanism


Cliff Burton’s family uses his royalties from Metallica to sponsor music education after his death.

Any Wallace’s Sorceror’s Apprentice is a memoir of her time spent as a member of Carlos Castaneda’s cult. Honest and brutal and gives you all the reasons why you should not fuck the guru.

“Flicker” by Theodore Roszak
“The novel covers approximately 15–20 years of the life of film scholar Jonathan Gates, whose academic investigations draw him into the shadowy world of esoteric conspiracy that underlies the work of fictional B-movie director Max Castle.”

In which the protagonist has an encounter with an elderly lady sex magician.


Paul Weston – for those of you who fancy meditation by the sea, Egyptian cosmology, group sex magic on the astral (in an astral cave, natch),  Cthuluian hentai, one incredible trick to burn karma phosphorescently, and Kenneth Grant with your synchronicity. All told in a charmingly inscrutable accent.


Book of Lists – Alexx Bollen‘s story of using the lover as a doorway to reconciliation with the world. Read it in his collection “The Theravada Machine”. Listen to Alexx at either of his podasts – the alexxcast or John and Alexx Hate Stuff, a comedy movie review show.


Paschal Beverley Randolph

Introduction to his life and work by Allen Greenfield

More in depth treatment of PB Randolph and his role in the development of western esoteric approaches to sex magic in this out of print book



Ida Craddock

Her life and writing are indispensable for understanding relations between humans and discarnate beings, including mediumship. I have relied heavily on Vere Chappell‘s excellent biography, which contains her major essays. Those pieces are also available here, along with supplemental material.

David Metcalfe on the need to develop psychic discernment and ethical behavior in dealings with the spirit world (platonic or sexy) while valiantly trying to grasp the reality of spirit husbands.


Mantak Chia is a teacher of Taoist sexual alchemy whose wise words I quote in the show: “The presence of your lover should arouse you.”

“Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy”


Dion Fortune

Sea Priestess – an Atlantean priestess performs an elaborate, yet intimate ritual with a young man in order to craft her magical personality.

Moon Magic – said magical personality being crafted, the priestess undertakes the higher magic of easing the way for sexual working between the sexes

Psychic Self Defense – occult classic on how to investigate and resolve unwanted psychic intrusion. With examples. “The Secrets of Dr. Tavener” explores the same material in fiction form.

The Esoteric Philosphpy of Love and Marriage – discusses polarity on the various subtle levels, and it’s relation to traditional concepts of gender.
Mitch Horowitz on the Power of Sex Transmutation
Use the power of your will to tap into the force of sexual desire and turn that energy towards other creative projects. I especially like his statement in this interview that what we are discussing are ideas, and you can mull them over and experiment with them privately. You are a sexual being by nature, it is your birthright to understand this part of yourself. You do not need to chase after others for initiation.!-Think-%26-Grow-Rich-Secret-to-Manifestation!-Mitch-Horowitz-%7C-Health-%7C-Self-Help-id1367384-id145172488?country=us

Lewis Hyde “The Gift: The Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property” takes a look at the sex function as it functions in the physical and imaginal realms, between groups and individuals. Lots of examples from anthropology and mythology.


Dorothy Eady aka Omm Sety was a British woman who worked as a temple keeper and draughtswoman for the Egyptian Department of Antiquities in the twentieth century.
“The Search for Omm Sety” is a classic of the weird which relates her story of awakening to the realization that she had been a priestess in Ancient Egypt who was the lover of the pharoah.

Omm Sety’s delightful personality really comes through in this book. But it also speaks to Serfiel’s question of witnesses. She’d entertain the pharoah in her room at night, and witnesses outside the room would report voices, laughter, and music during these visits. I remember Rinpoche telling me the story of a devout, celibate monk who was visited by a goddess bearing enlightenment one night in his bedchamber.

Everyone at the monastery was scandalized because it sounded like a big, raucous party was going on in room. (Of course i can’t remember the name of this particular monk.)



Off Leash: Interview with Toby Dorr, the Dog Lady of Lansing Prison on Criminal Podcast

Episode 121: Off Leash (8.30.19)

Middle aged, long married woman defeats cancer and begins a “dogs in prisons” program to bring meaning and joy to her life. Her experiment runs off the rails when she meets John Maynard, Patron Saint of older ladies who have been a little too good for a little too long.

Perfect example of why you shouldn’t practice sex magic (KABOOM!) and why you should (it works).

Toby Dorr’s story contains many mythic themes around descent to the underworld and Psyche’s journey. She contracts and recovers from cancer of the thyroid gland (traditionally described as ‘butterfly shaped’), starts a prison dog program in order to find meaning (dogs are associated with guarding the realm of the dead the world over and prison is the closest thing we have to hell on earth), is spotted by and taken under the wing of a young, attractive man where they pursue a relationship ‘in the dark’ in defiance of the authorities (Cupid stealing Psyche against Aphrodite’s orders), Toby Dorr undergoes many trials and much misery after she and John Maynard are separated (through capture) but in the end is united with her beloved (no longer in the guise of John Maynard).

The method used to effect Maynard’s escape is curious. He crammed himself into a dog crate, and Dorr drove him out of the prison in the crate. There’s an incident in Greek myth where Aphrodite has become besotted with Adonis, but is having trouble keeping him hidden from her husband and her lover, Mars #goddessproblems.

So she puts him in a chest and sends him off to Persephone down in Hades. Though Dorr is estranged from her children and her sisters, paying the price for her transgression, the prison dog program she founded is still going strong.


Miksha Shubaly has a spontaneous mystical experience of the goddess during vanilla sex with a close friend. His thoughts on his close connection with his partner, and how that connection appeared throughout the manifest world, are on point. Lots of other great shows at Ryan Singer’s Me & Paranormal You.


Veiled Chameleon Pairing – any aspiring sex magician would do well to investigate the natural world and the many ways sex can be accomplished.  I especially love the sweet, caring, high as heck commentary provided by the human friends of the chameleons in this video.

That male moves a lot faster than I thought possible.




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