An Open Letter to the Hosts of Mysterious Universe


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An Open Letter to the Hosts of Mysterious Universe,

I am writing regarding your show reviewing Scarlett Heinbuch’s book “Waking Up To Love”. As a medium who had her own near death experience as well as various paranormal events of a sexual nature, I was delighted to see Dr. Heinbuch’s book gaining visibility and excited to listen to your program.

That anticipation quickly turned to dismay. Since both of you have demonstrated an utter lack of understanding of shared near death experiences, the circumstances of mystical congress, discarnate communication, emotional/romantic connection with other human beings, or sex beyond the mechanical act I will couch my appeal to you in terms of money.

Your entire business model rests on a continuing flow of new stories of strange experiences. Thus, I would think you would be motivated to create an environment in which experiencers of the weird would not be mocked and degraded for sharing those stories. If that well dries up, how will you continue to produce new content and continue to support yourselves through podcasting?

Of course, your behavior is most egregious on the ethical level. It’s lazy to mock what we don’t understand, easier to poke fun at what we fear. And I can’t help but notice that two grown men in the prime of life, successful in their chosen profession, didn’t have the guts to address their puerile defamation to a middle aged lady while giving her a chance to respond. Very brave.

The upstanding men I know have never hesitated to apologize wholeheartedly when they have made a mistake. But that is your choice to make. As for me, I remain ever more grateful to the many people who have given my outlandish and risqué tales an open minded reception.


Stephanie Quick

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