Synchronicity and Premonitions: Theory and Stories



In this video I describe two synch/premonition constellations which unfolded for me earlier this year. “Pink Clot” ended with my mother hospitalized for pulmonary embolism; “Spooky Sweet” ended with three family members and a good friend all affected by the Carquinez Strait fire near the C&H Sugar factory in Crockett, CA. Edit: Update 11/30/2019 – I just found out that the podcast host who called me out by name and started the whole “Spooky Sweet” cluster was on the London Bridge minutes before the recent terrorist attack, visiting from the US for a few days. He left the area before things went down. End Edit.  I discuss some theories which attempt to address how these phenomena emerge. Some notes, images, references, etc. follow.

J. W. Dunne “An Experiment With Time

the alexxcast show on premonitions and my show prep

Eric Wargo’s excellent and provocative blog The Nightshirt

Greg Newkirk talks the ethics of haunted objects on Project Archivist


Shawn’s ‘Pink Clot” painting

Shawn's Pink

Dr. Andrew Chesnut’s picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe

May 20

Hot pink rose petal in blustery spring conditions

May 22

offerings to the Virgin of Guadalupe at Queen of the Valley hospital

May 23

“Stick like a Tick” oil – via a convo between David Metcalfe and Erik Davis

May 13


My original post about the Spreckles/Finocchio’s callout synchronicity (access the audio of History Dweebs podcast episode at link)
My first update – in the midst of a public safety power shutoff affecting millions and dangerous firestorm conditions, fire jumps the Carquinez strait from Vallejo to Crockett, home of the C & H Sugar factory and location of my good friend’s home


Second update – my father and his wife, as well as my brother, were all on the road when the Vallejo fire broke out and and were affected by the Carquinez Bridge fire and closure. (click through to read tweet thread and screen shots of communications from my family members).


My appearance on Church of Mabus Radio show

Twitter post of my old boyfriend’s wife and daughter

UPDATE: after publishing this video and blog post, I was tickled to see that the podcast Strange Familiars had just posted a new episode featuring a story of the ‘bunnyman’, as my nickname for Turpin was ‘bunnyface’.



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