Esoteric Sex, Chakras, & Kundalini: Notes for The Abracast

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I spoke with Jon Towers on The Abracast – listen here.

Following are the notes I made in preparation for our talk, which I enjoyed tremendously. Scroll to the bottom for links to authors, websites, and podcasts we mentioned.




This concept is explained in detail in Dion Fortune’s “Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage”. Many of her conclusions about social solutions to the problems of sex are tremendously outdated and wrongheaded, but the first few chapters explaining the sex function are useful and concise.


Esoteric Theory of Sex

Much of this theory posits the existence of subtle energies and structures which aren’t detectable by modern technology. I’ll be using a lot of metaphors and similes to point at these energies, but these metaphors are not these energies and processes. You likely already perceive some of these energies, but it can be difficult to sort out without instruction. However, meditation, yoga, dream work, creating art (especially with others), and keeping track of your experiences and evaluating them in the context of your mundane reality will help you perceive and attune to these energies if you so desire.

Western esoteric theory posits 7 different planes of existence – energy from the great unmanifest/the void/divine consciousness emanates from the realm of pure spirit and cascades down through the worlds of the mind, emotions, and instinct, down to the blunt reality of physical matter. Each more subtle plane has a controlling effect on the next grosser plane – for example, an electrical impulse in the nervous system causes chemical processes in certain cells, causing them to contract in concert, flexing a muscle which pulls a bone through space via tendons. The originating impulse (a small spark of electricity) is causal to the movement in gross physical space.


Western Sex Magic is concerned with working with the “Life-Force” aspect of this divine cosmic energy (a constant surge of pressure from the plane of pure spirit). The “Life Force” energy has two functions:
1. Maintaining forms already in existence – this can be accomplished through one entity working alone.

2.  Bringing new forms into existence – this requires work in polarity between two entities, this work comprises the sex function regardless of the plane on which it is occurring.



There are MANY models/theories of human subtle anatomy. Phil Hine has been looking at the historical roots of the modern western ‘7 chakra’ system and how ideas about what chakras are and what they do/how to use them. He was recently interviewed on Rune Soup on this topic if you are interested in learning more.

I will be addressing these structures from the perspective of a practitioner, as i have come to understand them from my teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston and from the beings who contacted me in my near death experience 35 years ago.

As I was taught, there are two main elements to the subtle anatomy. The core or sushumna is the subtle scaffold which supports the bony spine and spinal cord. Your core starts at the perineum, a bit in front of your physical spine, and travels upward to the center of the crown of your head. You can imagine it as a lit up flourescent tube in your body. This structure is the gateway for pure divine consciousness to enter your body system, the way that your lungs are the entry point for oxygen.

But our bodies are complex and multilayered. Just looking at what we can detect easily on the physical plane, we are composed of many states of matter.  We comprise solid bones, liquid blood and cerebro spinal fluid, gas popping up here and there in the gut, and a flickering electromagnetic field. Additionally, different organs of the body serve different purposes – filtering the blood or detecting and processing sound vibrations for example.

The various chakras reflect this state of affairs. Each chakra is like a different organ in the body, performing specialized functions. Individual chakras are associated with a location in the body, a range of emotion, certain social realities/functions (sex, artistic creativity, personal boundaries, bonds of selfless affection), certain states of consciousness (heart-centered/selfless love, psychism, enlightenment), and certain levels of spiritual development.

In the kundalini experience, a particular kind of energy (coiled at the base of the spine, feminine and blissful in every sense of the word – SHAKTI) awakens and travels up through the core towards the crown. The kundalini energy awakens each chakra as she travels upwards.

The process can be similar to bringing new sensory organs on board. Living through only the sense of sound or or sight means you are in the same world as everyone else, but you perceive it differently and partially. You don’t have the ENTIRE picture, but what you perceive is likely fairly accurate.

In the same manner, when these chakras are activated, you suddenly have access to the information they are uniquely designed to process. You may experience emotional empathy, telepathy, astral travel, premonitions, or more. Many people also report strange physical sensations (electricity, vibrations), sounds, or emotional states (laughing uncontrollably, etc.).

Seriah Azkath, host of Where Did The Road Go? Podcast, has done a number of shows on his own experiences with kundalini awakening and living with kundalini

This process reflects neurological development in humans. Infants of a certain age (8-9 months) are captivated by ‘peekaboo’ because they have just developed the capacity to recognize object permanence. This capacity or insight influences their behaviour as well, they will start to look for objects which they know or suspect to be hidden from their sight.

The theory of kundalini awakenings also holds that when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra the person will experience sahadhi, ego death, mystical insight. Kundalinli may be awakened deliberately through meditation, yoga, breathing practices or through transmission from a person with awakened kundalini. Kundalini may also awaken spontaneously.


Free resources from Leslie Temple Thurston for those interested in experiencing their own subtle anatomy

Cat Yronwode writing about Alice Bunker Stockham and Karezza. The Lucky Mojo site is chock full of articles and resources about sex magic and erotic mysticism.

Weird Studies interviews B. W. Powe and J.F. Martel describes the duende

Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box – my first synchronicity experiment

Synchronicity Experiment on Radio Misterioso which Steve Ray designed

I describe my experience with the Rinpoche here. The book which saved my hide in this instance was Dion Fortune’s classic “Psychic Self Defense”

The Paranomally Erotic: My Story describes the origins of my interest in sex magic

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