So You’re In Love With An Angel

Allegory of Angel Love
“Allegory” by Lorenzo Leonbruno c. 1508-1510

You’ve grown overly fond of a reptilian; your dead lover has shown up demanding nookie from beyond the grave; your wife’s aspect in the form of an alternate dimensional mantid queen is showing you the best time you’ve ever had in bed – in short, you’ve become erotically entangled with a discarnate being.

In this piece I’m going to sketch what little I’ve been able to figure out about how these relationships are accomplished, with an eye to being of aid to people who have found themselves in such situations. I will be addressing these relationships from the angle of consensual encounters that the human is interested in furthering (though those subject to harassment and attacks will, I suspect, find some of this information to be of use). I won’t be sourcing, as much of what I’m saying will obviously be speculative and is based upon conversations I’ve had with experiencers, a lifetime of reading between the lines and footnotes of various paranormal accounts, my meditative and esoteric practice, and my own experiences with discarnate entities. I also will be speaking from inspiration.

With those caveats in mind, here we go.


Most experiencers report that these encounters with beings of indeterminate ontological status (I’ll use ‘ghost’ for convenience in the remainder of this essay, even though such relationships can develop between living humans) are smoking hot and very satisfying sexually. That isn’t the problem. The problems tend to center around facilitating communication – how to remember spiritual insights gained during the encounter after it’s over, the same with energetic moves/specific states of expanded consciousness, how to communicate practical ideas to/with their partner (conveying a preferred time for encounters, asking for clues to identity in some cases, etc.).

These issues can be ameliorated through practice. Specifically, practice that will help develop your attention and control over your subtle energy body and also of/within expanded states of consciousness. Now, accomplishing an erotic encounter with a ghost counts as practice. But these trysts may not be frequent enough for you to consistently develop your abilities.

I’ve noticed a few esoteric concepts and practices to be at play in ghost sex. As it happens, some of these energetic moves can be practiced alone, and there exist resources which will help you in these pursuits. I speak of out of body travel, lucid dreaming, telepathy and PK.  Other practices – meditation to practice visualization skills, subtle body visualization and yoga practices, practices to quiet the mind and body – will strengthen the ‘muscles’ used in OBE, LD, telepathy and PK as well as increase your ability to remember information across unusual states of consciousness.
Methods Employed in Ghost Sex

Telepathy, Empathy, Psychokinesis

If the parties are able to communicate images, sensations, and emotions between the two of them, it’s not difficult to see how this could result in sexual arousal. Throw in some PK used to touch and manipulate body parts (as has been reported in many instances by the object of the ghost’s affection as well as by witnesses in some cases) and bob’s your uncle.

Mindfulness meditation, visualization practice, telepathy and PK practice (I believe there’s even apps for practicing telepathy and PK) will obviously increase your skill in these areas.


Extruding the Etheric

I don’t know if this is different from the process behind PK or not. In any event, it’s not uncommonly reported that people feel that strange sensation of the etheric drawing out of it’s usual spot in the body during encounters with discarnate entities (not always erotic, but certainly those involving observable physical effects).


Out of Body Travel – Astral Projection

One party can ‘travel’ to the other’s location and interact with the latter there, or both can travel to some destination (on the astral or in ‘meat space’). In both cases the ability to focus attention on the more subtle energies and activities will facilitate both the encounter and recall.

There are many books, videos, subreddits, and even one institute (The Monroe Institute) dedicated to promulgating information on techniques for astral projection as well as forums for discussion.


Lucid Dreaming

Many of these erotic, mystical, and spiritual teaching encounters take place during dreams, which often feel very different to the dreamer than ‘regular’ dreams. Lucidity enables more conscious interaction with the other beings in your dream as well as increasing access to dream/altered states of consciousness recall in normal waking consciousness. Thus, practicing lucidity may potentiate these outcomes as well. Similarly to OBE/AP, there are numerous resources on and off line for learning techniques for LD.

Edit: In response to readers of this article I’ve begun a list of resources which will help you in developing psychic functioning which you can read here. End Edit

Stages of Sexual Function

Much Western sex magic discusses leveraging orgasm. However, for those  interested in furthering communication with ghost lovers, other elements of the sexual cycle also deserve your attention.

The state of heightened arousal prior to orgasm is often called the ‘plateau’ stage. You don’t have to read too many accounts of spontaneous telepathy, empathy, PK, crisis apparitions, etc. to tumble to the fact that many of these events occur when one or more of the participants is in a state of heightened emotional/physiological arousal. Thus, spending more time in the plateau state may well allow you to facilitate communication (sending a strong mental image via telepathy, more clearly accessing and then remembering a subtle teaching in normal waking consciousness, etc.).

Many methods of inducing OBEs aim to induce a condition where the body is very relaxed yet the mind is clear and aware. This state occurs naturally right after orgasm – the ‘resolution’ phase – as long as you can hold your intention to not fall asleep! If you have clear enough communication with your partner, you can assist one another in holding this intention as you try for astral projection.

You will have greater control in using both states – plateau and resolution – if you have practiced relaxing the physical body and mind at will. Corpse pose, progressive muscle relaxation, and Lamaze training are all ways to develop this skill.


I hope that some will find these ideas useful or at least thought provoking. Each technique I reference has innumerable resources for learning and practice. I recommend searching online or indeed asking for resources among people you know and trust, in 3D life or online, if at all possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments privately at

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