Resources for Psychic Development

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This is a list of some resources for practices which may be helpful to people who are experiencing spontaneous paranormal phenomena. The general idea is for the experiencer to pursue esoteric exercises in order to develop a more conscious and skillful relationship with the parts of themselves producing these phenomena. This should lead to greater control of these phenomena as well as less fear surrounding their occurrence.

When it comes to choosing a practice, the main point is that you do so and then proceed. This list is neither comprehensive nor exclusive, but merely a starting point for exploration. Any esoteric practice will develop qualities and skills which transfer to other practices. Trying for lucid dreaming will require you to develop the discipline to remember to do reality checks during the day, which can be considered a subset of mindfulness meditation. Biofeedback practice will involve developing your visualization skills, and so on. If you bear this in mind while pursuing any particular practice, you will further your conscious development.

I would encourage you to practice a little each day, and to keep notes on your progress – even if it’s just a note on the calendar that you did a little PK practice that day . Note taking will ground your intention and activity in the physical, and will help you to anchor your results in conscious awareness. I also strongly encourage anyone pursuing psychic development to strengthen their physical body and material circumstances. Walking every day is excellent and grounding, as is keeping up with chores and maintaining good relationships with family and friends.

These practices may have the side effect of bringing to your conscious attention parts of yourself you aren’t comfortable with – bad habits, unhealthy relationships, past traumas and current frustrations, etc. Therapy is of course a good idea for dealing with these issues. But you can always take a break from practice and focus on the mundane and material, which should help calm down manifestation. If you find your situation becoming extraordinarily challenging, you may look into the resources provided by the Spiritual Emergence Network.

A word on teachers. In the West, there is a tendency to romanticize spiritual/occult teachers and I caution you to guard against it. People who help us to awaken and develop these skills deserve our gratitude and respect for this service. But this does not mean that these people are necessarily compassionate or ethical or all knowing.  My advice is to show these teachers and their teaching respect by taking an active role in your own education and development, and to sincerely practice and research and try to figure principles and practices out on your own as opposed to glomming on to a guru figure and passively awaiting the bestowal of enlightenment or abilities.

That said, if you find sympathy in a particular teacher or author’s work by all means seek out more of what they have to offer. Just keep in mind that the perfect teacher is rare, and you can still learn from imperfect people. Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer, despite his drawbacks as a husband.

My hope is to update this list as more resources are brought to my attention.
I learned many techniques and practices from real life teachers as well as from my own discarnate allies – not so much books or online courses. Thus, I’ve had to rely on others to recommend resources and would like to thank Erik Arneson, Cherylee Black, Wren Collier, the people at Corelight, Matthew Hopewell, David Metcalfe, and Professor WHAM for their help.


Techniques for Developing Telepathy, Visualization, and PK skills 

Mind Over Matter by Lloyd Auberbach

“This remarkable book helps you develop your psychic abilities, build your confidence and self-esteem, and keep a responsible attitude as you learn to psychically affect yourself and others. You’ll also explore how to:

  • Ease your body’s ailments through mental health
  • Investigate ghosts and be at the center of a poltergeist experience
  • Improve your physical performance by exercising your mind
  • Move objects through psychokinesis”


William Walter Atkinson wrote a number of books under a number of names in the early twentieth century. Find them here in online form – start with whatever catches your fancy!


Mystical Experiences in 30 Days by Keith Harary PhD
“The exercises in Mystical Experiences in 30 Days by Keith Harary, PhD, and Pamela Weintraub teach readers to pay attention to subtle feelings, ideas, and capabilities just beneath everyday awareness. By shifting consciousness from mundane concerns, readers can learn to experience life from the vantage point of the sage”

Ingo Swann was a psychic and artist very involved in laboratory experiments in telepathy. He developed and taught the technique of remote viewing. He wrote a number of books, this one focuses on techniques for developing your ESP:


“Remote Viewing” by David Morehouse
“David Morehouse was trained by the U.S. government in remote viewing—an exact scientific protocol for tapping the human power to gather information across space and time. In this comprehensive manual, he has taken his military training as an “operational” remote viewer and turned it into a step-by-step training system—one that teaches any serious reader how to unlock their natural abilities and become more than the physical world allows.”


Using a Psi or Egely Wheel for PK Practice
At 42 minutes in, Cherylee Black demonstrates use of the Egely Wheel for PK practice. Ms. Black also talks about the importance of note taking, focusing your intention, and interacting skeptically and consciously with your practice and results. The entire lecture is very worthwhile!


Leslie Temple Thurston is a meditation and spiritual teacher who i studied with for a few years. Her organization, Corelight, maintains a webpage with free resources that are updated from time to time. You may also purchase additional materials if you so desire.
Free Resources Here:

Free Downloads

Consciousness Awareness Meditation
“This is a fifteen-minute guided meditation for rejuvenation both of the physical body and all the subtle energy bodies. It will take you into stillness and into an expanded state where transcendental light can enter through your crown chakra, illuminating your light body and quieting the mind. If held for longer, the stillness offers increased potential for letting go and shifting internal mental/emotional issues and transcending tiredness. Practicing this short meditation prepares you for ascension and Samadhi or just being more present with life in its simplest essence. It fills the body with energy, light and higher awareness.”

Download here:

The Seth Material was channeled by Jane Roberts, and a person could easily spend a lifetime working with and meditating on the many theories, observations, and insights presented in the Seth books. Two are good places to start:

“ESP Power” by Jane Roberts
“Inside each of us is a sixth sense-a heightened perceptual power-ready to be awakened. Learn how to tap into this power, and gain information on dream control, telepathy, seances, predictions for the future, and true stories of reincarnation.”



The Nature of Personal Reality includes theory as well as a number of exercises for tapping into your psychic potential. It’s available in book form, as pdfs online, and can be listened to for free in a series of YouTube videos – so there’s no excuse not to check it out!


Astral Projection
The Astral Projection subreddit has a wiki which is as good as any a place to start-view on desktop or laptop for best experience (some of the table of contents headers won’t show up on mobile for example). There’s a number of induction techniques outlined, definitions, and advice on topics from random itching to astral battles.

The subreddit itself is very active, obviously any advice you receive is from anonymous people on the internet, but it’s fun and interesting to poke around and read the stories.


Lucid Dreaming
The Lucid Dreaming subreddit also has a nice wiki and other materials in the sidebar (easiest to navigate on laptop or desktop).

If you prefer a book I can recommend Stepen LaBerge’s “Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in You Dreams and In Your Life”

Dr. LaBerge discusses lucid dreaming techniques in the link below – there’s a number of videos of him discussing lucid dreaming available on YouTube:

Building and Working In/With Astral Locations
This overlaps with developing visualization skills and Astral Projection. Erik Arneson doesn’t include explicit instructions on pursuing art of memory, but I find his lectures on it’s history and philosophy so interesting and it triggers various ideas on how one could use these concepts to develop visualization and memory skills. Arnemancy blog and podcast are both excellent.

Arnemancy on Building Your Astral Temple

Arnemancy Lectures on Art of Memory – at about one hour 20 minutes in he addresses the interrelationship between physical and astral/imaginal/visualized spaces and how this may be leveraged in groups (to state the obvious, two entities equal a group).

Smithsonian article on Memory Palaces in “Sherlock”

Body Awareness/Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Being able to relax the physical body at will requires mindfulness, disciplined attention, and tends to eventually calm the emotions as well. With these more material parts of your system at peace, you will find it easier to become consciously aware of more subtle structures and then begin to engage with them more consciously. PMR would be a nice preparation to the guided meditation offered by Leslie Temple Thurston linked above.



Biofeedback – Increase Blood Flow to Your Hands

The flow of blood to individual parts of our bodies is regulated by process below our everyday consciousness. However, it’s possible to engage these processes and direct blood flow to the extremities, which encourages a relaxation response in the body/mind/emotion system. This exercise will also increase communication between your conscious and unconscious structures.

The general instruction to begin this practice is to imagine your hands feeling hot, to visualize fire or a glow in your hands, to imagine your hands plunged into a bowl of hot water, or so on. Experiment to find out what images or imagined sensations work for you. You’ll be developing your mental focus as well as your visualization skills in this practice.

I’ve used these heat sensitive cards to practice this skill. I imagine heat sensitive nail polish would work as well. I prefer both of these to the classic ‘mood ring’ as they will reflect more subtle changes in temperature.


Look for ‘thermal’ in the nail polish description, some color changing polishes are sensitive to sunlight.



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