Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

screenshot from my talk with a view from our deck during the fall 2017 firestorms in the Napa Valley

On Sunday, September 27, 2020 I gave a presentation as part of the Strange Realities online conference titled “Wild Talents: Activate Your Capacity for Synchronicity”. I enjoyed the experience tremendously and encourage you all to keep an eye out for future events sponsored by the hosts of the Conspirinormal podcast.

The idea behind my talk was to lay out my own method for creating synchronicity but more importantly to transmit that ability to viewers. If my premise was correct – that this ability can be activated in people via exposure to the idea of synchronicity itself as well as through people who have a developed a knack for it – one would predict that strong synchronicity would erupt surrounding my talk.

As it happened, a number of synchronicities reasonably related to my presentation did occur. I present some here with commentary. Readers may decide for themselves what all this may say about the role of consciousness and intention in shaping our collective reality.

smoke plume from the Hennessy Fire as seen from my deck

Key Themes: Firestorms – specifically firestorms threatening my home and family, lightning, phoenix, trees burning internally, fellow Strange Realities presenters (see line up at this link) and attendees, ghost dogs

Kiki Dombrowski – fellow presenter, fire/explosion threatening the family, fellow presenter Joshua Cutchin, smells

On the first day of the conference, September 25, I had to call the fire department as i’d been smelling a strong sulphur smell in the small room which contained our gas heater for a couple of days. Luckily it was not a gas leak and the fire guys were, as always, kind and thorough. I had a strong impetus to get a photograph of the back of the firefighters’ uniforms, just before i got this shot of them walking back to their truck i realized that one of them was named ‘Dombrowski’ – the last name of fellow presenter Kiki Dombrowski.

Not only was this related to the Strange Realities conference through the ‘Dombrowski’ name, but my talk focused on two synchronicity clusters which revolved around firestorms which erupted in and around the Napa Valley where I live.

I could have hallucinated the smell in a subconscious attempt to get firefighters to my house on the weekend of a talk where i’d be focusing on firestorms – but what are the chances of one of the responders having the same name as a fellow presenter? There’s also a nice thematic overlap with presenter Joshua Cutchin’s work on smells associated with high strange events, which are often reported as sulphuric.

In another strange twist, as we waited for the abode to be declared safe i remarked to my husband that i wished there was a ‘scratch and sniff’ option on the internet to smell the gas odor, as i knew it was a sulphurous smell but couldn’t recall the gas odor specifically. I saw later that day that Jeremy Vaeni had posted in a facebook group i belong to that he was challenging people to do weird reviews of his book and he specifically suggests a ‘scratch n sniff’ based one. My mom and husband, both of whom i live with, also had smelled that odor. Talking to a couple of neighbors i suspect a fault in the sewage lines.

Jenny Ashford – fellow presenter; podcasts and ‘Heathers’

This one is just kind of fun – Jenny Ashford is a co-host of the 13 o’clock podcast, and on 9/25 they released a review of the movie ‘Heathers’. I’m subbed to a small subreddit on podcasting and on 9/25 i saw in my home feed on my reddit app that there is a woman named Heather who is starting a podcast where she will just interview other people named Heather. She is looking for guests so hit her up if that applies to you! The Heathers request post went up on 9/23 but i didn’t see it until 9/25 (the first day of the Strange Realities conference and the day on which Jenny Ashford gave her talk).

Quick Food Shop and Gas Station – fellow presenter David B. Metcalfe, firestorms threatening family history, numinous gas stations functioning as portals to the ancestors

On 9/12 I was shocked to see fellow presenter David Metcalfe’s post – the featured photo was of a gas station with a sign reading “Quick”. On 9/4 the Creek Wildfire had broken out in the mountains of central California. This fire burned many areas where my family had lived, fought fires, and camped for over a hundred years. My parents took me and my siblings camping in this area at least once a year growing up, and we always stopped in North Fork where my dad’s uncle had ran the town’s gas station which he’d built in the 1940’s. My mom and dad both spent summers in North Fork as kids, dad at the gas station and mom next door at the Buckhorn Lodge (though they never met until they were college age).

So I was very upset at this town being threatened by this fire, smoke from which smothered the larger Bay Area a few days later as seen in many photos online.

sunflower in our yard with skies red from creek fire smoke

I posted about my great uncle’s gas station on Facebook on 9/8 and my father chimed in with some history. My great Uncle’s gas station carried his name – “Quick” – just as the combo gas station and food shop in David Metcalfe’s photo does (many shops spell it ‘Kwik’ or ‘Quik’).

And, as you can see in the screenshots above, the Quick Food Shop is also an important place to David Metcalfe, sparking his interest and research in Dream Lottery Books. He told me that his encounter took place in 2012 and that the gas station is the same business as the food shop. The incident center for fighting the Creek Fire is located on Tollhouse Road, the same road along which i had a grinning man encounter years ago. As it happens, one of the first people who supported my blog is a firefighter based in the eastern United States. He traveled to California to fight the Creek Fire, along with his son.

Sage Gritzo – attendee and host of ‘Your Brain on Weird’ podcast – tree struck by lightning, phoenix, ghost dog

the following three images were included in my Strange Realities presentation

pulling the phoenix card, i took this screenshot on 8/19 when i realized it’s significance

the hennessy fire as seen from my deck on 9/18
lightning from the wildfire causing storm photographed from my porch

Sage Gritzo listened to my talk and sent me a couple of images related to my presentation. I spoke about a tarot card i’d pulled to choose a day to record a podcast, card number 19 ‘the phoenix’ from the Secret Dakini Oracle Deck. We had to reschedule the recording because the Hennessy fire had been sparked by lightning (which i’d recorded from my porch) and was blowing up and I really needed to pay attention to what the fire was doing.

In my talk i spoke of redwood trees burning internally, a phenomenon my grandfather had described to me over 50 years ago and which i had finally seen video of due to the firestorms this fall.

I included a screenshot showing one of these redwoods burning. Sage Gritzo sent me a picture of a tree she noticed last August (the Hennessy fire started mid-August), which had been struck by lightning and still showed the damage as it had burned internally. She has developed a spiritual relationship with this tree and has pulled tarot cards around it.

image included in my presentation
Sage’s tree also hollowed out

On a lighter note, in August she’d also purchased a bong that is on brand for my talk.

Sage Gritzo cohosts the excellent and entertaining podcast ‘Your Brain on Weird’. Their latest show features a ghost dog!

Glass Fire – firestorms threatening my home, family and friends; dentists and butts; veterinarians have to evacuate due to fire

Well, i’ve saved the craziest for last. Damage to wineries in the Napa Valley made national news when the Glass/Shady fire complex roared through the mountains surrounding the valley and crossed the valley itself. This fire broke out at 3:48AM on 9/27, the morning of my talk.

my tweet the morning of my presentation

I named my blog ‘Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box’ after a fellow walker’s dog who i saw as a ghost, Biscuit. But in the last couple of years in our house ‘ghost dog’ refers to Jack, my mom’s cairn terrier. He passed after a long illness, during which we worked very closely with his veterinarian, Dr. Dana MacMillan. At 5AM on 9/27 she, her family, and all their pets evacuated from their house in St. Helena ahead of the Glass Fire. Their house was completely destroyed. In another odd twist, they’d moved in to this house the day before the firestorms broke out in the valley in 2017.

Link to the GoFundMe set up to help the MacMillan Family

I only found out about these events when my mom read it in the paper on 10/7. Prior to that time, i’d had a Facebook conversation with Strange Realities attendee and fellow synchronicity aficianado Mark Brady. One of the synchronicities i presented centered around Butts Canyon Road and Mark let me know he knew a dentist named ‘Butts’. My dentist practices in St. Helena, one of the first places evacuated due to the Glass Fire (their office had to close for a couple of weeks). Mark also mentions that he knows a veterinarian who had to evacuate due to fires.

I’ll close with a screenshot of a couple of pictures i took of the Glass/Shady fire from my house the day after my presentation, when the fire exploded. This pyrocumulus tower was about 8-10 miles from me when i took these pictures only four minutes apart. Turning my back on the fire, only to sense something very different over my shoulder and then seeing just how much the fire had grown in the space of mere minutes was one of the most terrifying experiences i’ve had.

Living where I do you don’t know when one of these fires may spring up near you, and these pictures show how difficult it can be to evacuate as they move so quickly. Synchronicities tend to arise around emotionally charged circumstances, as do all paraweird phenomena, and here you see the root of that emotion – awe and terror at our helplessness in the face of nature’s power.

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