Surreal Premonition: PK, Family Ties, and the Elements

Bryan Quick’s photo of the McCloud River from the Pacific Crest Trail captures the charisma and dangerous allure of the element of water. Follow Bryan Quick at @AcmeHuntingGear

Deziree Lynn generously shared this account with me of a high strange event her family experienced. Deziree and I were on a zoom with fellow paraweird aficionados all avid to hear her story, but Deziree’s connection was awful, which is what prompted me to ask her for this tale. The events are remarkable in the strength of the psychokinesis, and thier strange prophetic symbolism – the drawers and closets opening without cause and pictures falling off the wall serving to distract from the little sister’s distress about entering the water echo the father’s car accident and close call with hypothermia the next day.

The whole drama surrounding the bath would read just as easily, perhaps more so, as a dream. I’m struck once again by the surreality – in the strict sense – of many paranormal events, with emotionally charged symbolic language pointing to an unspoken reservoir of meaning. That these events arose in a context of close personal ties and a situation of high emotion is a consistent theme, as is the correlation with an element, in this case water. Readers will be familiar with my own firestorm related synchronicity clusters.

It also exemplifies the difficulties involved in interpreting premonitory symbolism – an enduring theme in tales of the high strange.

Deziree Lynn:

“Well, I haven’t had any UFO experiences at least that I know of, I did see something in the sky once at about 4am and couldn’t explain what it was after going through all the options. I’ll attach a photo unless you’ve seen me already post about it in the paramuseum group (can’t remember if you’re also a member, can’t keep track of all the spooky groups!🤣)

Other than we have strange ghostie things that happen all the time (but it’ll usually be something small that we’re so used to we forget about it) – however I did comment on Dana’s post once telling her about this one night where everything went chaotic and that might’ve been the story where I got cut off. 

Basically, we were giving my little sister a bath and she refused to get in the water which was strange for her. Eventually we convinced her and I left the bathroom for a moment to see that every single drawer, closet, etc. in my room was open. I heard something in the bathroom again and ran in and all of our pictures were off the wall and on the floor, and then I heard our back door open and ran downstairs to see that it in fact was, but I was hearing footsteps coming up the steps from the front door. It was a weird paranormal activity movie type of thing where it seemed like it would happen when I was out of the room and draw me all around the house while also being distracted with my sister in the tub. 

After her bath everything stopped. Early the next day, as my dad was coming back from a business trip, he slipped on ice and his car tumbled over into the brook by our house and was about a minute away from hypothermia if he couldn’t climb out to the top of the car and wait for help. He’s fine now and we’re not even in contact anymore but he didn’t believe the night before was an omen. 

I would’ve said it was a coincidence too if my sister wasn’t acting so weird about the water and it was the most activity in one night that we had, I’ll never forget how scared we all were! Sorry for the long message I just figured you’d want to know what the actual story was! lol 

I will say though that my mom is usually the experiencer, she’s spoken to and seen full on apparitions of lost ones, has predictions that are usually true (she’s never been wrong once about genders of babies), and strangest of all has started getting beeping voicemails and more frequent lucid dreams after I started getting into ufos, so I think anything weird that goes with me is usually something residual from her. 

The drawers opening and closing would happen a lot in my bathroom for hours at night until I freaked out and had a breakdown one night because I was scared and didn’t want to hear it anymore; so I was crying and yelling that I didn’t want it and for her to make them stop and it never happened again. Not the best way to deal with that but it was years ago before I was ever personally interested in “weirdness.” 

I’m hoping at some point I can ask her more in depth about all of it and write about it because I believe she’s mentioned some other things like Near Death Experiences as well. But really it’s no problem, like I said, I was surprised in the first place that you were even interested!!”

Stephanie Quick:

“Deziree thank you for writing all this down! That bath/car accident complex is very intense, I am very glad everyone was okay but super scary. 

The whole thing just reflects a lot of the classic themes/situations in which these high strange events occur. There’s the poltergeist/PK energy running around but also the symbolic message – sister could be in danger in the water, she doesn’t want to get in the water, you are being distracted from her possibly being in danger, etc.

The symbolism is pretty clear after you have your father’s situation happening the next day. It’s the trouble w these events, tho, you need a lot of experience to be able to interpret things beforehand or let the intuitive message come thru clearly.

Thank you so much, this is a lot to chew on! It also recalls to me the level of activity in Nevada City, CA where I’ve spent a lot of time. Very haunted town, it’s an old gold rush era town sitting over a ton of granite (quartz) ridden w tunnels. Part of it even used to be called ‘Coyoteville’ (hello trickster!)  

The town attracts a ton of psychics, tarot readers, reiki practitioners, etc so i think the natural talent of the people living there interacts with the setting. 

Anyways i will be thinking on this!! Thank you again and hang tough ❤”

Deziree Lynn:

“…it is an interesting account but I didn’t realize how interesting until you made those comparisons. I never thought to think about how those experiences are often related to high emotions but also an element in some way. Reminds me of a lot of “haunted town” documentary stories I’ve watched lately where you can connect old town tragedies almost always to fires or floods, but also lots of other “strangeness.” I’ve also written in the museum group about having specific dreams about elements/elementals while reading about them and you reminded me to think of those with that line so thanks! Maybe stuff to analyze there…

Oh, and I don’t know how I forgot to add this but really the thing that freaked me out about that situation was that when we dug up the backyard to add a swingset, we found really old car parts. My parents told me that apparently there was a vineyard and a creek where our house was and they believed the parts were from an accident into the creek a long time ago. I never knew if it was true because my parents won’t talk about it, but if that’s what happened, then history definitely repeated itself with our experience.”

Stephanie Quick:

“…it’s strange, certain configurations of road and landscape will lead to the same accident recurring or almost recurring, and it gets mixed up with the human memory of the area and paranormal events and lore.  What an eerie find, those car parts.”

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