Misogyny in the Paraweird on The Farm

I’m 11 or 12 here, about a year before the abduction attempt I describe in the show. Harvey Keitel wears the same shirt in ‘Mean Streets’ (w/out pasta necklace)

I am so moved that Steven Snider invited me to have this discussion about misogyny in the paraweird. This is a subject very close to my heart, and while it was distressing for me to remember and recount so much harassment and assault, I truly hope it gives people some insight into what women experience and how it can influence our behavior.

Steven provides a wonderful example of how we can move towards a more inclusive community by providing a space for these stories to be heard, and being an incredibly thoughtful listener and always willing to learn.

Listen Here:
Talking Misogyny in the Paraweird Community w/ Stephanie Quick & Recluse (thefarmpodcast.com)

me about the time of the paper route incident, presenting at the California state fair
me on the left at about the same age

Resources Mentioned on the Show; Resources for Learning about Misogyny in the Paraweird:

Occultism With a Side of Salt podcast episode “Why Women Leave The Occult” – very worthwhile, frank discussion on this topic with lots of overlap on issues in the paraweird community.

“Sorceror’s Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Cataneda” by Amy Wallace

Author, Speaker and “Bind Trump” magician Michael M. Hughes

A Path With Heart: Sex, Eros and Mystical Union with the Divine featuring WHAM

Sex Magic Interview with Allen Greenfield

The Paranormally Erotic: My Story

An Example of Misogyny on the Mysterious Universe podcast

Energy Predation and Emotional Manipulation at a Tibetan Meditation Centre

me around the time of the abduction attempt I describe – with macrame plant hangers & LPs for seventies cred

Some Woman Produced and Woman Positive ParaWeird Content:

Caludroncast – paranormal meets true crime with hosts of color

Two Witches Podcast – psychic questing in the Pacific Northwest

Six Degrees of John Keel – one stop shop for paraweirdness viewed thru a rigorous yet Keelian lens

The Q Files – all things paraweird from a queer perspective. They cover unusual topics, too.

Crimelines – woman produced true crime. The white host has been featuring cases of missing and murdered Indigenous woman and girls monthly, including research on issues of history, cultural sensitivity, and economic/legal issues. 

Shattered Reality podcast – host Fahrusha interviews a number of women with an emphasis on academic research.

Anomaly Archives – their recent fundraising streamathon had a number of women presenters, check for past/future monthly live streams on various topics including neglected women researchers such as Eugenia Macer-Story

The Church of Mabus Radio Show – Jeffrey Prichett has consistently featured women as guests on this long running festival of weirdness! Check the voluminous archives for inspiration. Long-time cohost Professor WHAM is a woman, experiencer, academic, and esotericist – and author of “Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley”.

Paranormal Researcher Allison Jornlinher You tube channel on women in the paranormal focuses on the founding mothers of paranormal research. 

Hayley Stevens’s has been a consistent voice for rational, grounded investigation into the pararnomal for many years. Her interview with Allison Jornlin on the forgotten role of women in the history of the paranormal is an excellent introduction to her work.

Parallax Views with J.G. Michaels consistently interviews women as guests on all topics – from retired scream queens, to academics, journalists, activists, and more! No token women here.

Some Other Sphere interviews paraweird women, including new voices on the scene. Very thoughtful and expansive intellectual space, highly recommend.

4 thoughts on “Misogyny in the Paraweird on The Farm

  1. Thanks for the mention. What a beautiful child you were and woman you are!
    As a podcaster I seek to empower women and others who are not adequately represented in popular American paranormal shows and those whose important opinions are diminished. These include but are not limited to Central and South Americans, Europeans, Indigenous and Americans of Color. And yet I include plenty of white American males too.
    Keep up the good work, Steph!


    1. Fahrusha I am always delighted to share your podcast with people! it’s so smart and thoughtful and you go above and beyond in finding really diverse and interesting guests. YOU keep up the good work and thank you!!!


  2. I admire your courage and colorful candor on The Farm podcast. Thank you for sharing, these stories are often not heard in this community, and they should be as they may serve as a wake up call. As my daughter is entering her teens I struggle with finding that balance of protecting her while giving her space and freedom. As they say, the struggle is real. Take care Stephanie!


    1. Patrick thank you for listening! you sound like a real caring dad, your daughter is lucky. And you point out one of the main reasons why i wanted to talk about this, because it impacts young people and especially young women who get discouraged or scared off from participating in the paraweird – and they have a lot of interesting things to say!


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