Unseen Threads on Consensus Unreality Podcast

Our modern day access to information about sex – for health and pleasure – was heavily influenced by the activism of a high minded, married, middle aged Edwardian lady whose life and work I discuss in this show. We also grapple with synchronicity and what it says about how our universe works.

This may sound a little dry but Ida Craddock, the lady in question, was married to a ghost who taught her everything she knew about erotic mysticism. This relationship drove her activism.

During our discussion of synchronicity, I lay out one which happened around a Project Archivist show I participated in on the topic. It involved underwear, parents, and families making fun of underwear. A few days after we recorded the Consensus Unreality show, I received the following communication from one of the co-hosts:

“i forgot to tell you

right after the interview

(i live with my parents right now, for context)

my dad knocked on my door and said “do you need a pair of underwear?” and showed me these crazy leopard print underwear. i said uhhh no, and he told me they were left over from some sort of yearly summer ritual my uncle does up in maine where everyone buys a really ugly pair of underwear and throws them into a bonfire

i had never heard of any of this before, and he was like very insistent on communicating how funny it is

like literally maybe 1 hour after the interview with you”

This, besides being screamingly hilarious and making me want to start a similar tradition, demonstrates the power of meaningful coincidence – just focus on them strongly enough, throw in some charged emotion, and they will manifest.

Listen Here:

Unseen Threads with Stephanie Quick – Consensus Unreality: Occult, UFO, Phenomena and Conspiracy strangeness (podcast.app)

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