Spiritual Friendship with Professor WHAM on the alexxcast

Alexx Bollen generously hosted Dr. C.S. Matthews aka Professor WHAM and me for a discussion taking off of my blog post on spiritual friendship. WHAM has an academic background in comparative religion, has practiced Sufism for a couple of decades, and has studied with north American Indigenous practitioners. She has recently published a survey of paranormal reports and experiences in the Hudson Valley of New York, “Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley”. I very much appreciate her honesty in sharing her personal journey as well as her intellectual and practical insights into this important topic.


Professor WHAM’s website

WHAM also co-hosts the Church of Mabus radio show

the alexxcast

Alexx Bollen writes fiction and poetry

My Rules for Sex Magic with Others

A Path with Heart – more conversation with WHAM on her spiritual journey

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