Eric Wargo: Precognition, Meaning, and Pomegranates

Madonna of the Pomegranate c. 1487 by Sandro Boticelli
from the painting I talk about in the last segment of the show, my own picture

Eric Wargo of The Nightshirt blog andTime Loops” spoke with Roejen Razorwire and me about time loops, precognition and altered states, meaning and the topology of symbols, retrocausation and more with an emphasis on our own strange personal experiences.

LISTEN HERE: Ep 342 Eric Wargo Time Loops, Precognition, Retrocuasality, And Flying Blenders (

A couple of additional notes about my husband’s nightmare signaling his future troubles with kidney stones, where he woke screaming because I had busted in on him while he was in the bathroom. First, around the time all of this was going on but before Anthony was diagnosed with stones, Roejen sent me a tiktok of a woman who looks very much like I, spouting animal facts as I tend to do – but strangely she is busting out of an outhouse while doing so.

screenshot of the message Roejen sent me –
i also have an interest in our local #beavers
me when I was younger looking very like the tik tok outhouse lady

Then, the day after this podcast was recorded, Eric Wargo published a blog post on H.R. Giger – and mentions in the first few paragraphs that Giger had nightmares involving lavatories.

“…from childhood through much of his adult life he suffered frequent, horrifying nightmares. He dreamed of being trapped in narrow passageways, of being chased by devils, of objects like lavatories coming alive to devour or castrate him.”

We also discuss how writing can precog coming events – Wargo tells the wonderful ‘flying blender’ story in this show. The day after this podcast episode dropped (February 18, 2021), I was diagnosed with Lupus – named after the ‘wolf bite’ rash exhibited by many patients (including me). I had been ill for over a year (since December 2019***) with fever and fatigue, in bed 1-3 days a week every week during that time, so I was thrilled to finally have a diagnosis and avenues for treatment.

But, curiously, I had written a blog post in November 2019 about an experience where I felt myself shapeshift into another canine creature – a fox. I always thought of this as my ‘were fox’ moment, and it happened while I was having a seizure brought on by Lyme disease.

The curious thing is that while my doctor was discussing my Lupus diagnosis, she mentioned that she has seen a number of patients develop Lupus after a bout of Lyme disease. I’d never heard of this possible connection until that moment. It seems that the altered state created by the seizure allowed for precognition of where this disease was heading, over fifteen years before it arrived.

*** in January 2020 I ended up in the Emergency Room from this same illness, as referenced in this post

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