Initiating Contact – The Shadow Side of the Paraweird

I want to share these two conversations as a pair – both address people setting out to generate large scale psi effects, singly or in groups. Themes of high emotion, strong rapport between experimenters, charisma, ritual, hoaxing and deception, liminality, anti-structure and unusual states of consciousness form a consistent thread through all of these profiled people and groups.

AP Strange and I spoke on ‘The Eternal Void but with Jazz’ about Ted Owens, Jeff Ritzmann, Josh Allen, and Bright Garlick to contact the ‘the other’ and/or perform weather magic.

30 – Stephanie Quick and AP Strange: Leaning into the Phenomena by The Eternal Void, but with Jazz • A podcast on Anchor

Recluse hosted Susan Demeter and me on ‘The Farm’ to dig into some group experiments in drumming up psi, with an emphasis on deception by humans, dead and living both. We discuss Joe Fisher (“Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost”), SORRAT, The Phillip Experiment, Loyd Auerbach’s ‘Seance Fiction Theater’ and Moss Distillery ghost installation, and Alex Matsuo and Hayley Stevens’ thoughts on inadvertent ghost creation.

Consciousness and the Paranormal w/ Susan Demeter, Stephanie Quick & Recluse (


Ted Owens

The PK Man by Jeffrey Mishlove

Dr. Mishlove’s videos talking about Ted Owens

Psychokinetic Weather Influence with Dani Caputi – ongoing lab experiment

Psychokinetic Weather Influence with Dani Caputi : The New Thinking Allowed Foundation

Jeff Ritzmann

The Numinous Den

Jeff Ritzmann discusses his ideas on and methods of contact with ‘the other’ on Radio Misterioso

Jeff Ritzmann’s many appearances on Where Did The Road Go?

Josh Allen
Playlist of weather magic videos Taoist Weather Magick – YouTube

On Twitter Lord Josh Allen ☯️✨ (@LordJoshAllen) / Twitter

Bright Garlick

How to Make ET Contact | ET and I (

Bright Garlick’s You Tube channel

AP Strange
Aficionado Prodigiosus, Purveyor of Fine Strangeness – blog
On Twitter AP Strange (@AProdigiosus) / Twitter


Susan Demeter
Susan Demeter – Author. Artist, Experimenter. Research. Magical

Her book “Cosmic Witch”
COSMIC WITCH: magic, witchcraft, and the supernatural: Demeter, Susan: 9798670587457: Books

The Phillip Experiment – there’s a lot of material about this experiment online if you’re inspired to poke around
Philip experiment – Wikipedia

Ida Craddock – two podcasts where i discuss her life and work
Six Degrees of John Keel
Episode 20: Remember the Ladies with Stephanie Quick — 6 Degrees of John Keel
Consensus Unreality
Unseen Threads on Consensus Unreality Podcast – Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box (

James McClenon on New Thinking Allowed – this is a very good intro to the SORRAT group
The Sociology of SORRAT with James McClenon : The New Thinking Allowed Foundation

James McClenon on Shattered Reality podcast
Sociological Research on Remarkable Experiences with Dr. Jim McClenon #94 – Shattered Reality Podcast (

James McClenon’s website with links to his books
James McClenon

John G. Neihardt

John Neihardt – Wikipedia

George P. Hansen’s critique of the mini lab experiments

Loyd Auerbach
Loyd Auerbach – Wikipedia

Loyd Auerbach “A Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium” A Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium (9781933177045): Auerbach, Loyd: Books

Alex Matsuo

 The Spooky Stuff “Are Ghost Hunters Creating Their Own Ghosts?”
Thoughts Can Create GHOSTS! | The Philip Experiment (be careful what you THINK!) – YouTube

Hayley Stevens ‘A Warning to the Devious’ – when Chamber of Commerce ghosts go bad!
A Ghost Hunter’s Cautionary Tale – Hayley is a Ghost


4 thoughts on “Initiating Contact – The Shadow Side of the Paraweird

  1. Those are a lot of podcasts you have been doing recently! Very stoked myself about your return to The Farm, Recluse’s first interview with you was very illuminating. I do not have as much free time as I used to, but I will make sure to listen to the 2nd one in the near future.


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