Church of Mabus with Jeffery Prichett and Professor WHAM

A last minute appearance on the Church of Mabus radio show resulted in a very wide ranging conversation. A summary follows but first –
Church of Mabus website

Professor WHAM’s website

my previous COM appearances:
on the Afterlife of Pets
on High Strangeness and the Pandemic

Fart Storm Synchronicity; Humor in the Paranormal – Stephanie prepping for an upcoming show with Matt Hopewell and Roejen Razorwire on Project Archivist podcast; Gurdjieff and James Webb’s “The Harmonious Circle”; Astral vs. Physical Abduction – is it really a dichotomy?; Lucretia Heart from At Spiral’s End; Jacques Vallee’s Movie Projector metaphor; WHAM’s story of interference by unknown forces and how she effectively told them to FUCK OFF; the frank physicality of certain post-experience effects; Paula Gunn Allen’s “Pocahontas” and the relation of world changing times to abduction of charismatic, magical women; my own attempted abductions by predatory men; outsize emotions; Tui Snider’s attempted abduction in a cemetery and her initiation through the elements;  Eugenia Macer-Story – creepy sexually threatening events as prompts for life changes; Vallee’s idea of nonsense logic; WHAM and intrusive entities – how to set limits!; dealing with drunk and horny randos in sketchy areas; a creeepy sexually threatening event in Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies”; window areas – it’s not just for paranormal weirdness, association with crime, child exploitation, serial killers; Peter Levenda’s “Sinister Forces” & his hypothesis that the Church of Mabus is a thought form vampirizing Jeffry’s energy; why are pigs so cute and wonderful but such bratty pains in the ass?; psionic porcine noise blasts; mom watches some pretty intense prison TV dramas; Loyd Auerbach and the Deadly Seriousness of cultivating a sense of humor when dealing with weird phenomena; the genius of David Lynch in this regard – humor and the absurd; those horrible death scenes you can’t watch again; Al Crowley vs. Dion Fortune – stirring shit up vs. calming shit down; NO YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE A GHOST; ASTONISHING LESBIANS!; Astonishing Legends episode 221 “the True Story Behind the Exorcist” -panic and terror in psi encounters; Whitley Strieber’s hypererotic mantid encounters; drama in the paraweird world – is it helpful? (nope); remembering Jeff Ritzmann and the intrinsic difficulties of some people’s relationship to the paranormal; Hobby Drama is Inescapable!; People Will Crab About Anything!; Eugenia’s possible autism, high sex drive, guilelessness and how that affected her relationships, art & how she understood her paraweird experiences; her passions are intellectual and aesthetic;  the Perceptions_Today twitter community for intellectual discussion of consciousness with lower drama levels; idea-driven vs. personality-drive conversation; WHAM reports on ongoing investigation into audio and video recordings of voices and figures from CCTV at an active location being analyzed by a professional sound engineer; instances where the human percipient cannot see or hear things picked up by technology; Colin Wilson’s “POLTERGEIST!”; birding and the limitations of human hearing; ruby crowned kinglet!; an orb visible on FLIR but not visible to humans causes a plant to begin vibrating and the presence of a little person is suspected due to WHAM’s learning from a Micmac teacher; the inherent uncanniness of many psi encounters as a pure limbic response; strange shooting stars; an HVAC man shows up bearing a book by Dean Radin; you would think reptilian bases would have psychic shields against people trying to remote view them from dentist’s offices; The Holy Trinity!; at least no one farted on air -WAIT no that’s just a duck call!!


2 thoughts on “Church of Mabus with Jeffery Prichett and Professor WHAM

  1. Boy howdy does that sound like a tall order. All that’s missing from that synopsis are cyborg werewolves, but maybe you will actually get around to mentioning those too. Will know for sure when I listen today while finishing cleaning my apartment.


  2. Finished listening. Tons of interesting things mentioned, not sure exactly what to make of them all. Here are my thoughts on the topics discussed in here which stand out the most right now:

    What a synchronicity that this episode starts with an in-depth discussion of G. I. Gurdjieff: The Danish indie publisher I work for is about to publish the 1st half of the Armenian sage’s “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson” in the first Danish translation EVER. I have also started delving into the work of your spiritual teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston here in the autumn of 2021, and a good chunk of her system strikes me as derived from Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way with the biggest difference being the explicitly feminist angle I am not sure if Gurdjieff would even have considered.

    I also appreciate the discussion of Whitley Strieber’s sexual encounters with the mantid Visitors, and his identification of these Visitors with the divine feminine, around an hour into the episode. Around there, you touch on a point I make whenever Strieber comes up: I do think Strieber gets a lot of shit he doesn’t deserve, yet I nonetheless find it unintentionally comical that he puts so much work into cultivating a “serious intellectual” image while writing about the least respectable parts of UFO contactee culture. My biggest issue with Strieber is his insistence of shoehorning his experiences into a Christian framework in order to reconcile them with his Roman Catholic faith, when I am not sure if that is very useful for making sense of his “Visitor” encounters. Hence his first book being titled “Communion” while the cover depicts a grey alien straight out of Spielberg’s CE3K glaring at the reader.

    Oh, and if cyborg werewolves were mentioned I missed it. Perhaps I need to give it another listen.

    There were some more complicated ideas that ran through my mind when listening to this, but I am not sure exactly where they lead me right now. Perhaps I will have found satisfying conclusions to them later on.


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