The Erotic, Synchtastic Sasquatch on Six Degrees of John Keel Podcast

“The Lovers” collage/painting by Barbara A. Fisher, host of Six Degrees of John Keel

We had a rollicking good time discussing the steamier side of Sasquatch encounters on Six Degrees of John Keel podcast! In fact, host Barbara A. Fisher has invited me back for another session, focusing on the gender dynamic of Bigfoot and how this interacts with/reflects larger societal concerns – watch this space!


What follows is the ‘white paper’ referenced in the podcast. Enjoy!

Staunchly non-erotic Bigfoot by the long suffering David B. Metcalfe – many thanks for use of this image to help slow the alarming trend of this synch storm!

Bigfoots coming at me from every angle!!!”

A Not Safe For Work post documenting an ongoing synchronicity storm on a goofy theme – spooky, sexy bigfoot!

“Not everyone can have wholesome discussions about sexualizing Bigfoot I guess” – APStrange

The last few weeks have seen a trend of Bigfoot showing up in my awareness – emphasizing the paranormal aspects of this cryptid, it’s menacing qualities as well as it’s erotic appeal. 

Many of these examples are people sharing material for me due to my known interests in erotic encounters with discarnate or demi-physical beings, however a few were more compelling as spontaneous possible synchronicities – for example my husband does his best to actively avoid any paraweird content, yet last week bought a book on missing persons which happens to feature Bigfoot researcher David Paulides. His hair stylist also recounted a Bigfoot encounter experience by his family.

As well, many people posted/created Sexy/Paranormal Sasquatch content in this time frame (ie. people were not doing google searches and digging up old content to share with me) – Sasquatch Chronicles, Prichett’s Facebook memory of the paranormal nature of BF, Greg Neukirk’s tweet on the bigfoot butt cast, Liminal Analytic’s atomic sasquatch post and BF sketches, the reddit convo on Bigfoot assisting the porn fairy in the woods, the Bigfoot Titty slide, and David Metcalfe saw a Bigfoot and UFO sticker laden car out in the wild, wild actual world.

This would all be fun and games except that i’m headed out to a remote cabin in the heart of Bigfoot country in a couple of weeks. I’ve long been aware of Bigfoot’s paranormal aspects and non/demi-physical nature. A completely spectral entity does not alarm me, however those pesky footprints testify to a certain period of frank physicality – and even a minute or so of manifestation would be more than this little old lady could handle!

What’s worse is my psychic powers have taken a hit with the first professional haircut I’ve had in two years. The stylist took off a LOT of hair and it looks like Oliver (my chihuahua) has been chewing on the ends while I’m sleeping.

Will I find myself in a Samson and Delilah type confrontation with a big hairy monster, in the shadow of a volcano? Or will the gentle beast of the forest bless me with preternaturally speedy hair growth?

Stay Tuned!!!

Prologue: March 2021
Alexx Bollen watches ‘Suburban Sasquatch’ in preparation for recording an episode of his movie comedy review show John and Alexx Hate Stuff”. In this same time frame, somehow, a still picture of the vaguely pixelated suburban sasquatch exhibiting full frontal nudity ends up in my DMs. Somehow.
Episode 95 – Suburban Sasquatch – John and Alexx Hate Stuff

6/22 on facebook i share an old blog post of mine about the similarities of some bigfoot encounters to near death experiences in the aftereffects – along w picture of meditating bigfoot

Ben Joffe replies with the small ‘guru yeti’ type figure pictured in David Huggin’s painting of his encounter with an alien woman with whom he later becomes sexually involved, drawing the connection between ufo/alien encounters and the hairy forest spirits as well as Tibetan tantric initiation practices – citing this paper by Larry G. Peters.

7/3 an online friend DMs me out of the blue to tell me he is enjoying reading Cutchin and Renner’s Bigfoot book and i am cited in it (the first i knew about it) Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: Folklore (9798634992617): Cutchin, Joshua, Renner, Timothy, Renner, Timothy: Books

7/3 blog post on Atomic Cold War Sasquatch research published – this started to make me feel a bit beleaguered, as i’m headed up to that cabin w my brother – retired AF, spent his career spying on Russia, and lived for years in Alamogordo, NM (click thru and you can buy a tee shirt)
Cold War Secrets of the Atomic Sasquatch | EXPLORING THE OUTER EDGES OF SOCIETY AND MIND (

7/5 I share a Weekly World News classic cover “I Was Bigfoot’s Love SLave”

7/7 Jeffrey Prichett shares a memory post on Facebook from 2014 – a picture of bigfoot captioned: “I paranormal you can’t catch me Billy Bobs xoxo”

7/8  “Bigfoot Is Real and He Tried to Eat My Ass” Trucker hat sniickersnee shares with me on twitter.
I respond: “a tale as old as time! My fave BF story i heard maybe 17 years ago? so a small indie film crew is up in the wilds of BF country in RV’s & trailers. One nite they hear a commotion and a huge BF runs thru their camp, right by their vehicles! They can tell it’s a male because it had a raging hard on. Well, as it turns out, the star of the movie was a certified Playboy Bunny and the suspicion was that BF had somehow become enamored of her…”

(truly I should have kept that story to myself if I wanted to slow down this slew of NSFW Bigfoot synchs! Live and learn.)

7/13 “Bigfoot Being Fabulous” – classic bigfoot striding silhouette yet wearing stiletto heels shared by APStrange on twitter

7/13 (ish) The porn fairy and bigfoot working together in the woods to distribute erotica for young people to find, a gift from the cosmos – a convo i ran across deep in the comments of a forgotten Reddit post on r/science IIRC

7/14 DAivd MEtcalfe posts drawing of a bigfoot in the woods 

(see top image) i 

7/15 David Metcalfre posts another Bigfoot drawing – it’s fascinating to see the smouldering sensuality of this beast compared to his more staid image of 7/14 – could it be due to learning of the porn fairy’s alliance with bigfoot in the intervening hours?

7/16 Metcalfe sees a Bigfoot/UFO sticker covered Soul while out on errands and sends me this pic  – no doubt this encounter retrocausaly influenced his Bigfoot drawings of the previous days

7/16 An anonymous correspondent sends me his scan of the R. Crumb “Whiteman” comic – Whiteman is abducted by a family of Bigfoot as a mate for the young female, in the end he goes native (it is a typical R. Crumb fantasy)
Crumb Newsletter: Whiteman Meets Bigfoot (

7/15 Soul of Alien Bigfoot Stickers

7/18 Bigfoot Titty Slide – shared to me by Alexx Bollen

7/18 Tony buys a book on a missing person’s case which has a blurb on the back mentioning the book includes‘…the world’s foremost Bigfoot researcher…’ “The Cold Vanish – Seeking The Missing in North America’s Wildlands’ by Jon Billman discusses David Paulides in the context of these missing person cases and search and rescue operations “…some say he is a ‘crypto-kook…”
The Cold Vanish: Seeking the Missing in North America’s Wildlands: Billman, Jon: 9781538747575: Books

7/19 Pakistani’s Sasquatch – abducting women for mating, nice illustration of cryptid with a raging boner on this just published blog post by Sasquatch Chronicles – APStrange slid into my DMs with this one
Barmanu (Pakistan’s Bigfoot) – Sasquatch Chronicles

7/20 “Continuing plagued by squatches-this time in the Unresolved Mysteries subreddit. An Alaskan ghost town haunted for decades by a murderous cryptid … Alarming; but makes a change from Bigfoot Eggplant pics in the DMs”

The Mysterious Ghost Town of Portlock, Alaska

The Mysterious Ghost Town of Portlock, Alaska : UnresolvedMysteries (

7/21 Greg Neukirk wants a copy of the Bigfoot Butt Cast for his new home’s decor

7/22 @Galaxopithecus on twitter: “Hey everyone who wants to sex up bigfoot. It’s still bestiality even though it walks on two legs. So do kangaroos but nobody is out there espousing the romantic aspects of sexing them up. Or that’s a different twitter community anyway!!”

7/22 Drew Beck posts on Radio Misterioso fan page (I published a blog post about Drew’s childhood owl/missing time event in January 2019)

“This might not be all that “mysterious,” but it is certainly intriguing. A paleo-anthropologist friend turned me onto Zana’s story. It’s exciting to think that there could still be undiscovered kinds of people roaming around somewhere in the vast wilderness.”

(1) Radio Misterioso : This might not be all that “mysterious,” but it is certainly intriguing | Facebook

The Story of Russian Ape Woman Zana: Real Life Yeti or Neanderthal? (

“In the mid-eighteenth century, hunters in the Ochamchir region of Georgia (a Province of Russia on the edge of the Black sea) captured a ‘wild woman’ who had ape-like features, a massive bosom, thick arms, legs, and fingers, and was covered with hair….Zana enjoyed gorging herself on grapes from the vine, and also had a weakness for wines, often drinking so heavily she would sleep for hours. As Colin Wilson points out in The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries, this is likely how she became the mother of many children to different fathers.

These children usually died when she tried to wash them in the freezing river. The villagers started to take her children away from her and raise them as their own; unlike their mother, the children developed the ability to communicate as well as any other villager.”

Her story echoes that of “Whiteman” by R. Crumb.

Sasquatch carrying baby sasquatch footage revealed
Kayaker’s Video Allegedly Shows Bigfoot Carrying a Baby Sasquatch (

7/23 My husband Anthony got his hair done today – his hairstylist told him that the stylists’ family was out in nebraska in a cornfield and they saw a big foot walking around in there – it looked at them and then walked away and they were freaking out

7/23 I record a show on Church of Mabus Radio show, and we have a possible EVP of a Bigfoot porno sound? I also address some of the material covered in this post
Stream Church Of Mabus Stephanie Quick Pet Afterlife, Paranormal, Sex Magic, & More by United Public Radio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Wyrd Bigfoot Links

Sasquatch Bookstores and Sasquatch Sex Magical Practices

Lilith Gray ‘Please Don’t Feed The Sasquatch’ a habituation scenario
Lilith Gray: Please Don’t Feed the Sasquatch – Church of Mabus Radio

Sasquatch/Slenderman hybrids?

Asherah VII on the relationship between cryptid, UFO, and ghost research

A Rock Hound Talks about Rocks and Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest

Carter Buschardt on Sasquatch long term habituation sites, burial research, infrasound, language and stick structures.
Carter Buschardt: Sasquatch: Evidence of an Enigma – Church of Mabus Radio

Stan Gordon on the connection between Bigfoot and UFOs
Bigfoot and UFOs: The connection – Interview with Stan Gordon — High Strangeness —

Marijuana Grower Encounters BF Sexually, ‘Deep Love’ Develops
Woman claims she is in a ‘Sexual Relationship’ with Bigfoot – MORON

Suzy has friendship w Yeti family from Childhood via Linda Godfrey
A woman in childhood was friends with the whole bigfoot family (

A Bear Ghost

Via APStrange – a sasquatch abduction w breast feeding

 About 35 minutes in

Sheriff investigates ghost-like sighting in Madera County Mountains | KMPH

Paranormalizing the Popular through the Tibetan Tulpa: Or what the next Dalai Lama, the X Files and Affect Theory (might) have in common | Savage Minds

Bigfoot Riding a Unicorn at Ace Hardware via titty tornado on twitter (tagged by my brother)
Earliest Sasquatch Erotica from Alexx Bollen
Truly the most NSFW/NSFL found in this whole, sordid document!
Alexx on Instagram: “Facebook reminded me that I drew this madness 4 years ago. “Unfortunately finding a datable girl in my age group is rarer than a sasquatch…”

3 thoughts on “The Erotic, Synchtastic Sasquatch on Six Degrees of John Keel Podcast

  1. You might be the one person alive today who shows the most interest in compiling information about sexual encounters between humans and numinous entities… stories that would squick out even other Forteans, at that. One thing I do find curious is that there are so many stories of such encounters between humans and cryptids… in particular hairy humanoids, but they receive much less attention from the public than those surrounding aliens, demons, vampires, werewolves et cetera. And when they do, it’s in the form of even more ridicule.

    Here is where things get REALLY interesting: Sexual encounters between anatomically modern humans and different hominid species were a regular occurrence through much of our history, since every human alive today who is not of pure African descent is part Neanderthal. If you’re an indigenous Australian or a member of certain South East Asian ethnic groups you’re also part Denisovan. Perhaps there is some ancestral feeling of shame for many modern people surrounding this entire subject?

    It really is a shame that Timothy Green Beckley is no longer with us, because I have no problems imagining him publishing a book by you about this very subject as a companion piece to his own “Screwed By the Aliens”. Whereas I imagine most other Fortean publishers reaching the audience he did would be way too squeamish about the subject.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Finally got around to listening to the linked episode of 6DJK focusing on sexual encounters between humans and bigfeet/sasquatches/yetis et cetera, by the way. I loved how you were obviously cracking up with uncontrollable laughter through half of the episode. The revelation that your husband is not slightly interested in the paranormal at all, I found quite surprising: I imagine one would at least have a curiosity about the subject to be in a long term relationship with you, considering how seriously invested you are in magick and occultism. Then again I usually think of you as “that Victorian hippie occultist lady who runs a blog on how to have tantric sex with aliens and demons” which is of course not the entirety of yourself.


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