Liminality, Mysticism, & Practical Occultism: The Andreasson Affair on Our Strange Skies

“Phoenix” by Stephanie McCown. Thru kismet, she conceived an urge to paint this bird right at the time Rob and I were recording this show, which culminates in Betty Andreasson’s vision of a glowing, fiery eagle which goes thru a Phoenix type of transformation. Visit McCown’s Etsy shop here.

Rob Kristofferson was so kind to ask me to discuss Betty Andreasson’s luminously compelling mystical UFO abduction with him. We contextualize this event thru the anthropological lens of social status, anti-structure and liminality as set out by George P. Hansen and then analyze it in the light of practical occult and esoteric theory and techniques.

I tried to lay out how an experienced esotericist would look at these experiences and how one would set about trying to induce them (looking at a few different methods). This way into understanding many paraweird experiences has been set out by thinkers such as Jacques Vallee and Allen Greenfield for decades past, but the ufological field as a whole has been very chary of applying any of these concepts to individual cases or more systematically.



Special Thanks to Martin Kottmeyer and Regan Lee for providing me with background materials in preparation for this show!

Re: contextualizing contact/mystical experiences within particular cultures and timeframes, I recommend this video by Professor WHAM on the Tugunja Canyon contacts. Her discussion with Rob Krifstofferon on Our Strange Skies about the Harrison Bailey story is also excellent, I am so excited that hear Bailey’s story out there more widely, with a sympathetic and thoughtful take by both people.

Professor WHAM’s website

and of course to my friend Alexx Bollen, magical realist author and podcaster extraordinaire, for encouraging my love of Vallee

books by and about Betty Andreasson and her numinous experiences

Corelight is the organization founded by Leslie Temple-Thurston, try some of their free resources here

Jacques Vallee’s Contact Trilogy: Dimension, Revelations, Confrontations

Robert Monroe’s Institute offers free meditations here
and you can find his books here

The Trickster and the Paranormal” by George P. Hansen

Austin Osman Spare’s artwork

Allen Greenfield’s “The Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts” and “Secret Rituals of the Men in Black” both discuss the relationship of the flying saucers and their occupants with ritual magic

Jeffrey Mishlove “The PK Man” about his work with Ted Owens

Initiating Contact – The Shadow Side of the Paraweird”: AP Strange and I spoke on ‘The Eternal Void but with Jazz’ about Ted Owens, Jeff Ritzmann, Josh Allen, and Bright Garlick to contact the ‘the other’ and/or perform weather magic.


Dr. Cosmic” (Dr. Pasulka/Heath) speaking at the opening of the Archives of the Impossible

Working with Egregores: Practical Considerations” I talk about working with subtle structures

The Invisible Choir podcast talks with Terra Newell about ethics and exploitation in the true crime community

The Ohlone Way: Indian Life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area” by Malcom Marguiles

Scarlett Heinbuch, PhD had a shared near death experience which she talks about in her book “Waking Up to Love”


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