The Perils of Synchronistic Experimentation: Synchro-Naughty

A few years ago i set an intention for my synchronicities – that they would have clear symbolic and emotional/meaning content, that they would be documented in media in some way. This intention continues to bear fruit, however there is a price to pay; to wit, I can look like a vulgar buffoon.

The synch I’m describing here is pretty straightforward and revolves around an issue that is highly charged for me – the nerve damage emanating from and resulting from instability in my sacroiliac joint. Over the last couple of decades I’ve had lots of excruciating pain, had to take very unsatisfactory medication, not been able to work or travel and spent a lot of time lying flat on my back staring at the ceiling and gritting my teeth.

The day before yesterday my mom had her first appt w a physical therapist, which went very well (I was very happy mom was getting that help!). In the office was an anatomical model of a female pelvis, hard plastic bones and layers of rubber muscles as well as orifices all sculpted and painted realistically. I was delighted with it!! I got to hold it and admire it from all angles and took a few pictures.

the model in question

My delight resulted from recent events – I am receiving a treatment for the nerve pain which looks incredibly promising, long lasting with no creepy meds. It involves injections at the nerve bases right above the separation of the glutes – that body part I was holding the model of! It was a great feeling to interact with that part of my body in a hopeful way. My mom was cracking up at me, and of course I had to comment on the level of detail used in depicting the anus.

I managed to restrain myself and didn’t send the unredacted pics to anyone – they are a step beyond the unsolicited nude!

The next morning, a friend sent me a spoof children’s book cover depicting a dog in suit with leather case, with the title, “I Need to Sniff Your Ass – Trust Me I’m a Doctor”

The medical setting, the butt/hole – exactly the major themes of my previous day. Providing more emotional drive propelling the synch, I have a very joking relationship with the friend who sent me the spoof book cover. We both love our pups, and my correspondent is one of a few people who tease me about my propensity for underwear involved synchronicities (why that would be should be obvious given my medical troubles).

All of this makes for a reasonably straightforward and succinct example of a typical synchronicity and the social/emotional context in which they arise.

Yet, any reasonable writer trying to discuss the paraweird in a more serious manner is going to think long and hard before using this example, because butthole. It’s a conundrum for a couple of reasons – if we decline to discuss humorous or somewhat louche paraweird events, we tend to be left with ones w distressing emotional content. This gives a warped view of psi expression, as happy emotions can also drive these events. It paradoxically makes people more leery of psi, since it seems to be overwhelmingly associated with trauma of various types.

So, in the spirit of de-stigmatizing psi, I offer you this goofy synch, driven by friendship and hope and appreciation of even socially unacceptable parts of the body.

3 thoughts on “The Perils of Synchronistic Experimentation: Synchro-Naughty

  1. This is why I liked the late Tim Beckley so much: He had no reservations whatsoever about acknowledging that so much of the numinous’ interactions with humanity are just as goofy and not-remotely-safe-for-work as this…


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