Tinkerbell Redeemed: A Photo Essay

Venditrice di amorini, fresco from Villa Arianna, Stabiae (National Archaeological Museum, Naples), this fresco was buried in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.   It has come to my attention that certain researchers into the paranormal have turned their backs upon the fairy Tinkerbell, on the grounds that she is a fairy who is … Continue reading Tinkerbell Redeemed: A Photo Essay


Talking Sex Magic with Roejen Razorwire

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing sex magic with Roejen! I’ve compiled the books and websites I mention on the show here. This is by no means a comprehensive list, it's simply authors I’ve found personally useful and who address aspects of sex magic and esoteric philosophy which I find interesting. As always, remain skeptical yet open … Continue reading Talking Sex Magic with Roejen Razorwire

Liminality and the Call to Adventure: An Encounter with the Queen of the Underworld

  Along with so many others in the paranormal world, over the past several years I’ve become enchanted with the predictive and explanatory power of George P. Hansen’s Trickster Hypothesis. The concept of liminality - the betwixt and between space signified most explicitly by the doorway - is especially potent in this regard. Recently I … Continue reading Liminality and the Call to Adventure: An Encounter with the Queen of the Underworld

Possible Case of Interfamilial Reincarnation

  Last October while driving, I spotted an unassuming storefront with the fascinating business name of “Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis”. I didn’t stop to investigate (even though Yogurt Time a couple of doors down looked so scrumptious!) so I later satisfied my curiosity about the place through a web search. Amongst other services, the Alchemy … Continue reading Possible Case of Interfamilial Reincarnation

Two Metaphors for Paranormal Events

Herrick Hospital in Berkeley, CA, site of my near death experienceMany theories and mechanisms have been proposed to explain paranormal events. These include psychokinesis, telepathy among the living or between the living and the dead, retrocausality, and so on. I find that these ideas have much to recommend them, and there are certain events which … Continue reading Two Metaphors for Paranormal Events