Collaborative Weather Art

I am not a solipsist. I never inclined towards that philosophy, in either matters strictly material or those involving the subtle realms. High strange events thought to emanate from a single, solitary, self observing psyche are taboo, but nowhere near as taboo as, say, dreams shared between people with clairvoyant content or old timey group … Continue reading Collaborative Weather Art

Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

screenshot from my talk with a view from our deck during the fall 2017 firestorms in the Napa Valley On Sunday, September 27, 2020 I gave a presentation as part of the Strange Realities online conference titled "Wild Talents: Activate Your Capacity for Synchronicity". I enjoyed the experience tremendously and encourage you all to keep … Continue reading Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

Synchronicity Cluster: Danger Bridge

I decided to try my hand at inducing synchronicities which would come across well in public, open forums. I wanted clear symbols, understandable meanings, digital trails/witness collaboration, with no unreleaseable private or personal information that was crucial to conveying the strangeness of the events. Unlike previous experiments, I set no time limit or arena for manifestation. I simply set my intention, exercised my will, kept my eyes open, and documented any relevant evidence.