Collaborative Weather Art

I am not a solipsist. I never inclined towards that philosophy, in either matters strictly material or those involving the subtle realms. High strange events thought to emanate from a single, solitary, self observing psyche are taboo, but nowhere near as taboo as, say, dreams shared between people with clairvoyant content or old timey group seances with spirit communication via raps, levitating objects, and channeling.

Still, in my own paraweird experiences I can rely on nothing as much as other people’s concerns, symbols, aesthetic, and personal details showing up. Recently I’ve had a couple of unusual cloud formations appear in possibly telling circumstances that made me suspect the involvement of a particular person – at least on an unconscious level. I’ll lay out the two instances and let you judge for yourself.

First, I should admit that I spend a lot of time watching the sky. I am a birdwatcher, I love weather and live in a valley which showcases it magnificently, and I love looking at the stars and unusual celestial objects and events. I take a lot of pictures of cloudscapes. But I appreciate clouds for themselves and am not in the habit of turning them into bunnies or godzilla. In the last several years I spotted one cloud that looked a bit like a flying saucer, one that my mom and our neighbor pointed out as looking very much like a gigantic eye, and one that looked a bit like an airship.

That’s it.

So imagine my surprise when, on this last Chinese New Year (February 15, 2021), I was out on my usual walk and turned to notice a very large dragon-shaped cloud (looking to be over my house, come to think of it). It was a good omen for the day, so I took a video of it and posted it to Facebook.

I was doubly intrigued as I’d been thinking about weather magic – specifically the Taoist weather magician Lord Josh Allen. I was beginning research for a podcast episode on people who consciously generate contact with discarnate entities and/or create high strange events. Ted Owens “The PK Man” used to influence weather systems, in addition to conjuring UFOs, which made me think that including a section on Allen’s work would be illuminating.  Allen had been very helpful in pointing me to some resources, and I had been mulling how to best present him and his practices, connecting it all to study of the high strange.

If I recall correctly I even teased Allen about him being the cause of this weather dragon. But I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on it; the whole thing was more fun than uncanny.
In March, AP Strange decided to organize a small group-at-a-distance meditation on World Contact Day to see if we could drum up a flying saucer or other high weirdness. Participants had strange dreams, AP and I were living in each other’s minds for a few days (much synchs!), there was even a large bolide reported near one participant’s area the evening of the meditation.

While I had a very strong experience of altered consciousness during the meditation (our international crew all listened to “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” at a synchronized time and intended contact), nothing untoward showed up for the rest of the day. The next day, I was feeling a bit discouraged about the lack of results when I went out to the front of the house to check out the garden. I turned and saw a huge feather shaped cloud right above the house.

And not just any feather – this was a very close portrayal of the feather I took as an omen back in January, which I blogged about at the time. Even better, from the standpoint of signs in the sky, a neighbor rode by as I was preparing to photograph this cloud and inquired: “UFO?”. No one has asked me if I’m looking at a UFO since my dad left off doing so when I was around 25, which makes this a very unusual occurrence!

What brought Lord Josh Allen to my mind as being a possible co-conspirator in creating this sky feather? Well, once again he was very much on my mind as AP Strange and I were going to be recording the podcast including Allen the day after I saw the cloud. In fact, Allen had sent me a reminder to mention the core ritual object of his practice – the Kongming feather fan. Allen and I both have a keen interest in weather as well as feathers (the latter have been the subject of more than one DM between us).

So I hope I may be forgiven for wondering about the confluence of trying to grasp the essence of a Taoist weather magician who uses feather fans, corresponding with said magician about feathers, meditating in a group with the intention of creating signs in the sky, and seeing a feather made of weather above my house to a soundtrack of “UFO?”

The aspect of these events which makes me lean towards some sort of unconscious magickal collaborative art project, rather than my own lonely creation, is simply this – my truly paltry record of encountering clouds in interesting symbolic shapes until I started having truck with a known weathermancer.  

Technical Notes:
Meaning is most often expressed through natural, material mechanisms.  I love that the symbolic aspect of this cloud, and it’s meaning to the individuals involved, is so very strong even though it is quite clear how this weather feature came to be in the material sense – it’s a cirrus cloud with a contrail through it, forming the ‘quill’. Yet why does it reflect the egret feather I found so strongly, why is it right above my house (you can see our roof in the picture), why did it occur the day after I was in a group meditation looking for contact and the day before I would be speaking about weather magic?

Psi expression tends to increase when linked to highly random systems – this is the idea behind the Randonauts app. Weather systems can be highly volatile and are full of random movement, making their susceptibility to psi influence expected. This potentiation of psi effects in the presence of systems with high degrees of random action could also point to the importance accorded to walking around in the outdoors by magicians, meditators, and esotericists of all kinds.

3 thoughts on “Collaborative Weather Art

  1. Very interesting post. I am reminded of the idea that some paranormal phenomena could be thoughtforms or tulpas willed into existence, or at least the pre-existing phenomena being moulded into the shape of the experiencers’ pre-existing beliefs by latent untrained psychic powers, floated around by people like Lynn Picknett and Albert Budden. I find these anecdotes startling against that backdrop, as well as that magickal influence experiment you talked about in the Radio Misterioso episode you guested on, precisely because you have tried to do actively and knowingly do that. (see also the Philip Experiment) The anecdote about the egret feather is in particular downright uncanny…

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    1. Simon thank you for your thoughtful reply! These clouds are intriguing in that i dont’ believe they are necessarily ‘ensouled’ as for example a tulpa is thought to be, but i would not be surprised if some of the same subtle processes are in play.

      I have a couple of podcasts upcoming where we discuss various people experimenting to try and get psi phenomena to occur, including a discussion of the Phillip Experiment. I will be very interested to hear your further thoughts!


      1. It is very interesting that a handful years ago it would have been inconceivable I would ever believe in psychic powers, yet today I am more and more getting open to their reality.

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