Synchronicity Spectacular!

Celestial Wedding


As Season Two of Hellier draws closer, synchronicity hounds grow hungrier for accounts of coincidence exceptionally fantastic. I love nothing more than a juicy synchronicity myself – so I’ve gathered a few of my personal favorites to help Hellier’s legions of fans while away the hours until November 29.

Watch Season One of Hellier here

Hellier Official Website


Mandate33: “We drive around a lot and explore weird sites – so you don’t have to (But you should)”. If you are jonesing for well produced, eccentric, and provocative video explorations of the weird – whilst in the capable hands of charming, good looking people – MANDATE33 is just the ticket!

UFO Abduction. Human sacrifice. Magick Initiation. Weird movies. MANDATE Interstate 93 – no worries, MANDATE33 delivers on the promise of this weirdness-packed title!

Much more at the Mandate33 YouTube channel

Dr. Dean Radin makes contact on the inner planes with a Tibetan Dream Yoga practitioner, thereby manifesting his ideal paranormal laboratory. Who says esoteric pursuits have no practical application?

Dean Radin on Radio Misterioso

Paul Weston – for those of you who fancy meditation by the sea, Egyptian cosmology, group sex magic on the astral (in an astral cave, natch), serial killers, Cthuluian hentai, one incredible trick to burn karma phosphorescently, and John Cowper Powys with your synchronicity. All told in a charmingly inscrutable accent.

Paul Weston on Rune Soup talking about Synchromysicism and Kenneth Grant

The audio quality isn’t that great in this video but the story is mind blowing. When synchronicity intersects with destiny.

Daemonic Genius of John Cowper Powys

Charles Topham and Psychic Questing on Radio Misterioso. From the show notes: “… small, private groups in Britain began meeting to use seances, ouija boards, and other methods in order to locate hidden objects of apparent historical importance, such as swords, precious stones, and documents. The practice is intimately connected with the rich history of English magic and folklore.”

Charles Topham on Psychic Questing with Greg Bishop and Red Pill Junkie

Mike Clelland on Shattered Reality – Mike Clelland is an absolute synchronicity maven! He’s been writing about his own and talking to others about theirs for years. He’s also concerned with owls and ufo abduction. I love this talk with Fahrusha, host of Shattered Reality, as she is very knowledgeable about these topics as well as being an experiencer and adept herself. Shattered Reality’s archive is chock full of fascinating shows, many with academics who are less well known in the general paranormal community.

Mike Clelland on Shattered Reality

Shattered Reality podcast

Mike Clelland interviewed by Seriah Azkath on Where Did The Road Go?

Mike Clelland has a number of synchronicity-focused audio interviews at his hidden experience blog.

Here he interviews Walter Bosley about the many synchronicities involved in researching the criminal occult history detailed in Empire of the Wheel

Mike Clelland was the first person to publish one of my synchronicities – read the comments for wisdom from Red Pill Junkie!

Intrepid psychonaut Fahrusha employs binaural beats and lucid dreaming in order to facilitate communication with cat Sylvie, herself a practitioner of Feline Dream Yoga. Thoughtful discussion in the comment section.

Tim Beckley on Conspirinormal – Tim Beckley is a legend in the field of the weird. Listen to him discuss UFO research, his friendship with John Keel, and some of his wildest synchronicities. His stories about publishing occult volumes, work in the rock ‘n roll industry, and association with the New York Dolls are an object lesson in living the effortlessly cool life.

Tim Beckley on Conspirinormal

Eric Wargo contemplates premonitions, dreams, and what they tell us about the structure of the universe. He tells a lot of mind-boggling stories that really tread a find line between premonition, dream, waking life, synchronicity, fate, and more. At the end of this show, Greg Bishop reads my goofy joke about Schroedinger-style cats.

Eric Wargo discusses Time Loops on Radio Misterioso

Eric Wargo’s blog, The Nightshirt, has mind-food than I’ll be able to digest in this century! Very thought provoking and paradigm-challenging, with truly outlandish tales.


Lastly, a few tidbits from my own synchronicity files. I’ve been deliberately inducing synchs for over fifteen years now, so they have accumulated.

My latest synch precipitation experiment, which climaxed around the Public Safety Power Shutoff affecting 3 million people in Norther California of fall 2019 and the spectacular fire on the Carquinez Bridge

Synchs unfold around a Gralien Report show on which Micah Hanks reads my encounter with a grinning man (and his doppelgänger?) in the California Sierra Nevada mountains.

A particularly ridiculous synchronicity which I try to use to further understanding of the ways in which the paranormal reveals that which is hidden, in people and groups

My instructions if you want to try your hand at stirring up the noosphere


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