How To Induce Synchronicities

sienna ghost dog

After I posted my “ghost dog” experience on a facebook group last year some readers asked for my procedure for inducing synchronicities.  I wrote up this piece and distributed it privately. I’ve edited it slightly for readers of this blog. I used the same procedure when Steve Ray and I performed our psychic influencing experiment on Radio Misterioso, and we obtained some nice results in that experiment as well.


Per your request, here are my notes on how I performed the synchronicity experiment which culminated in the doggelganger/ghost dog sighting as well as a diagnosis (the latter being my explicit goal in performing the experiment).

I’ll also go into reasons to avoid these type of experiments, how to construct a safety net of sorts in order to reduce your risk, and some techniques for dissolving the experiment should you deem it wise.

I’m going to lay out explicitly what I did. I’m well aware of the possible dangers of these practices to stability and happiness, and the many admonitions to keep them secret as a result. However, being thrust into such a space through circumstance without the fundamental information to navigate in that space is also quite dangerous. And not every person who has learned or stumbled upon these techniques has developed the ethical understanding necessary to wielding them selflessly. I believe that in order to counteract such unethical actions one needs to have solid information on how such actions are accomplished.

So I will proceed, trusting in my usual expansive treatment of a subject to stave off the dilettante.

Cautions Against Attempting This Experiment

First, who should avoid this type of experiment? In what circumstances should one avoid this type of experimentation?

Some people have no interest. Other may have a temporary or permanent weakness which carries a risk of serious instability resulting from these practices. A young person just off to college with a family history of schizophrenia, depression or other illness likely to erupt in turbulent circumstances should in no way undertake these practices. A new environment, changes in eating and sleeping habits, new people and ideas are all enough challenge to undertake at one time.

As well, dealing with a serious or chronic illness (your own or that of a loved one), coping with an addiction (or not), supporting a parent or child through health crisis, confronting a hostile environment at work, church, or club – any of these circumstances obviously require amounts of energy and attention which would preclude experimentation.

But that’s not the only reason to refrain at these times. The idea behind this exercise is to make some aspect of your interior consciousness manifest in the physical plane. If you’re consumed with worry, aggravation, thoughts of disease and despair – your best hope is your efforts at manifestation fail.  Wiser to simply turn your attention to the mundane matters at hand.

How To Dissolve The Experiment

Sometimes things get to be too much in these activities. Mundane matters call your attention, you start to sense an ontological crisis a bit bigger than you feel confident to handle, or your efforts work well but your manifestations are turning towards the harmful.

Thus the wisdom of having a plan in place for dissolving the experiment – if you are a novice, write it down. No plan will remove all risk, but you can mitigate it. There are a number of ways to go about this, certain techniques will work all on their own but I would familiarize yourself with as many as possible prior to experimenting.

The mother of them all is to simply ignore your project. If you’re not feeding it attention, it will most likely wither away on it’s own. Not thinking of a pink elephant is entirely possible – think of a zebra striped giraffe instead. Think about it in as much detail as possible, in all of its various aspects, and remind yourself to do so frequently (use an alarm on your phone if need be). Keep busy with mundane tasks – errands, cleaning, fixing stuff up around the house, gardening, cooking, laundry, mending (I live in hope haha!), all the futzy normal stuff.

Walking is also excellent. From a subtle aspect it strengthens the lower chakras, which keeps you focused on the practical. Plus it’s good for you to get some fresh air and sunshine. Other forms of exercise are great, but getting out of doors and away from your thoughts is ideal for this purpose.

Eat often and stay hydrated, don’t let yourself get hungry and lightheaded (like walking this helps to keep you grounded in the mundane). Learn some new recipes and knock yourself out if you like to cook.

Seek the company of other people.  Hobby clubs, parties, nature walks, restaurants,  – okay I’m an introverted misanthrope so I’m running out of examples but a bunch of people around you concerned with the here and now can help bring you down to earth. Just be careful to avoid nasty or high drama people until you’re sure your experiment has run out of steam.

Lastly, you may want to cultivate a spiritual friend. Traditionally this means a guru, but here I’m looking at more of a comrade in arms – someone who will have your best interests at heart and let you know if you’re getting too far out in cloud cuckoo land.  A friend who will maintain a bit of distance while not shooting down your ideas is perfect, if maybe rare. Obviously, sharing your plans with an aggressive skeptic may hogtie your experiment from the get go so choose carefully.

If you have a relationship with any guardian figures in a spiritual tradition by all means invoke their protection prior to and during your experiment. If you are trying to dissolve an experiment, though, keep your devotion as simple as possible.

Finally, as I’m telling you all this any problems you encounter are on my head as well – so reach out if you have troubles.

Personal Background

Frankly, looking back on it, I decided on and performed the “Ghost Dog” experiment intuitively and on a whim. Yet, I obtained decent results. In reflecting on this I realized how much meditation practice and general attention training I’d participated in at that point. I started yoga at age 13, at 15 I developed a nasty illness which kept me bedridden for months and required my full attention in order to cope with all the medicines’ effects (and as it affected the airways, plenty of breath focus), after my NDE mindfulness meditation and basic chakra meditations became a daily habit, in my early thirties I lived in a meditation center for a couple of years (which mostly involved interacting with various people with a lot more experience on the subtle planes rather than sitting meditation), at the same time meditation instructor Leslie Temple Thurston was teaching large groups in the area monthly and I attended those group meditations for 2-3 years….

The point being by the time I started I had a good 30+ years experience with calming the mind/emotions and directing and holding intention. Which is the nut of what I did In this experiment.

However, most people who have reached middle age have experience with these practices even if it’s not performed explicitly as an subtle exercise. Negotiating a long term relationship gives one insight into and control over the emotions, discipline of attention is a basic requirement in the work world, most back rehabilitation exercises are derived from yoga postures, etc.

On the ethical side of things, most adults have developed relationships with parents, children, spouses, friends where you have had to put your own self interest to the side in order to look after another’s well being.

So I would not discourage anyone from this experiment simply as they’ve never sat with a guru, say, or don’t have a long standing sitting practice. In fact, this type of experiment can be a great way to develop our capacities.

Five Steps to Synchronicity    

One. Decide to perform the experiment. Obvious yet essential.

Two. Choose your target or theme.

For my ghost dog experiment my target was a diagnosis, something that was very important to me. When Steve Ray and I did our synch experiment we’d choose whatever felt fun or interesting or unlikely (bricks, petticoats). Both are fine. Just choose something specific enough that you’ll know when you have a hit.

Three. Delimit a field of attention.

Now, being vajrayogini and spending plenty of time in cemeteries, I went the whole hog. But if you’re just starting out choosing a limited space will help direct your focus and again help you notice any hits. Steve and I were only intending to influence specific live Radio Misterioso shows, but still the phenomenon started showing up all over the place.

This means you’re getting the hang of it.

Four. Set your intention. This begins the experiment.

Intention is a bit hard to define but we all are familiar with it. It’s not attention, not emotion, not drive, but behind these all. Of course you can use these aspects of yourself to set your intention – emotion, attention, drive – physical reminders can help as well. I wear rings everyday and will turn them around or stack them differently as a reminder, but anything you want to do is good. Trying different ways to develop your intention could be a nice experiment in itself.

Five. Feed the experiment your attention but withhold belief.

This is the trickiest part. Without attention it’s likely that you won’t get any results. But if you start believing that every single license plate is a secret message from beyond you will not benefit yourself.

This ability to withhold belief while in the thick of strange happenings is the most important qualification for success, as well as for coming out the other side a wee bit wiser.  Part of this qualification is just temperament, but life experience plays a huge role as well.

Frankly, not much phases me for one reason – I should have died at age 16, at age 21, and again at age 38. Doctors still don’t know what actually was wrong with me (best guess autoimmune disease attacking the airways) and every time I’ve been ill it’s been a years-long process of hellish treatment.

So unless some hotshot doc has answers for me in that area, I’m only going to get *so* excited. I’m sure you have similar parts of your life – where you have to temper tremendous hope due to the nature of life in this world.

That’s the attitude to tap when performing these type of experiments – it’s all fascinating and deserving of attention, you’ll analyze it and take copious notes but really you are withholding judgement, if not outright expecting diddly.

This attitude promotes stability in the face of these events and paradoxically may help you obtain better results.

Regarding notetaking. It takes time and isn’t a requirement. But, if you can, do so – especially helpful with time and date stamped electronic media ala Steve Ray. It’s a perfect way of feeding attention while maintaining a critical attitude. It also helps you spot synchronicities and patterns you didn’t notice initially, and brings your force of subtle intention into physical manifestation.

So on from withholding belief to feeding attention. Basically, look for synchronicities like a conspiracy monger studies the Zapruder film! You want to see them ALL, not just ones which seem related to your target. Take notes, mentally analyze, hum a little ditty about one you noticed as you’re walking, draw, paint, write limericks – mental attention is best but anything which manifests in the physical will add extra juice.

That’s it. It’s not as complicated as I make out here, though I feel it is endlessly fascinating. I wish you the best of luck!

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