Surreal Premonition: PK, Family Ties, and the Elements

Bryan Quick's photo of the McCloud River from the Pacific Crest Trail captures the charisma and dangerous allure of the element of water. Follow Bryan Quick at @AcmeHuntingGear Deziree Lynn generously shared this account with me of a high strange event her family experienced. Deziree and I were on a zoom with fellow paraweird aficionados … Continue reading Surreal Premonition: PK, Family Ties, and the Elements

Ghost Story: Meaning vs. Explanation

   Shawn Chapman "Birthday Book" p. 224   I had this ghost story from my friend Shawn Chapman last year. It’s stuck with me ever since, as it sheds much light on the limits of physical explanation when it comes to paranormal events. Searching for and finding a physical cause behind uncanny events will always … Continue reading Ghost Story: Meaning vs. Explanation

Creating Tulpas on The Alexxcast with Roejen Razorwire

Alexx Bollen, author and host of the alexxcast, interviews Roejen Razorwire of the Project Archivist podcast in this episode covering a huge range of paranormal, esoteric, and Fortean topics including UFOs, ghosts, podcasting, empathic abilities, and how to get rid of the Fenris wolf Tulpa you may have accidentally summoned. That last is where I … Continue reading Creating Tulpas on The Alexxcast with Roejen Razorwire

Paranormal Aspects of Bigfoot Encounters

  Claudia Ackley on "Me and Paranormal You" with Ryan Singer I’ve long been struck by the many similarities Bigfoot sightings have to other paranormal occurrences, for example poltergeist infestations. Recently I was listening to the “Me and Paranormal You” podcast and heard Ryan Singer interview Claudia Ackley about her interest in Bigfoot research and … Continue reading Paranormal Aspects of Bigfoot Encounters