Managing Magical Reality

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If you’re reading this blog then, like me, you’re likely fascinated by reality-challenging experiences and the imaginal spaces in which they occur. You may even have performed various actions, physical or symbolic, in order to gain entry to this space.

I refer to these spaces as ‘reality challenging’ for good reason, as it can be very difficult terrain to navigate. I’m not the only person who has noticed that people involved in investigating, researching, entering, writing about these strange realms can behave in odd ways – avoiding certain topics of discussion, being very cagey with personal details, dropping in and out of contact with related groups, etc.

The following remarks, which I’ve had from an anonymous correspondent, capture the feeling tone and real world hazards of traversing these landscapes. I always recommend that people develop a plan to return to the mundane prior to embarking on any journey as a psychonaut.


“I don’t record the experiences. But I have noticed at various points in my life how it is that we go mad when we live in a space where the world is projection – magical reality – what we look for/seek is what we see.

I have noticed especially during periods of high stress that the world is definitely speaking to me or at least has the appearance of organizing reality around me. For example – my father died two decades ago in a tragic accident and following this event I suddenly was made aware of the fact that the entire world was obsessed with death – everywhere I looked I saw death, signs of death, all media was only reporting and telling stories about death – I could not escape it – it was everywhere. It was very powerful and commanding of me.

On a lighter note, when I took up smoking again I suddenly noticed all around me there were smokers. Where were they before I wondered as before that the only people that smoked were my neighbour and my partner but when I started smoking I saw smokers crawl out of the woodwork everywhere!

On a more significant and pertinent level: once when I was involved in a very intense and insane relationship I noticed not only synchronicities that represented my contact with this person but I felt telepathy at work….images relating to her – her own symbols – were manifesting in my life. Frequently I would wake up from sleep and then I would hear my phone buzz and there she was. This started to happen so frequently I started to imbue even more mystical qualities to the relationship itself. I gave up on thinking about this as just coincidence but destiny. But then shortly after that I did go a little mad and I watched myself let this relationship destroy my reality. In such a heightened space I was seeing symbol and synchronicities everywhere. I found it to be a very dangerous time in my life. Was I manifesting these coincidences, was it all projection or was the universe speaking to me?

I have noticed that when I have weighed engaged in experiments of manifestation or been caught in heightened moments of life that if I wanted to I could easily slip away behind the veil into the magical world and say goodbye to reality. I no longer choose such spaces – too dangerous. I keep certain aspects of my identity a little more locked down now…its safer.”


with thanks to my anonymous friend


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