Eye Witness Testimony

Phillipe Halsmann: "Dali Atomicus" a decent feel for what i saw for my friend Shawn Chapman Can we trust our own senses? Witnesses to the high strange reliably report all type of fanciful, unusual, and frankly unbelievable sights and sensations to those of us resting comfortably in consensus reality. It's easy to brush off their … Continue reading Eye Witness Testimony

Initiating Contact – The Shadow Side of the Paraweird

I want to share these two conversations as a pair - both address people setting out to generate large scale psi effects, singly or in groups. Themes of high emotion, strong rapport between experimenters, charisma, ritual, hoaxing and deception, liminality, anti-structure and unusual states of consciousness form a consistent thread through all of these profiled … Continue reading Initiating Contact – The Shadow Side of the Paraweird

Collaborative Weather Art

I am not a solipsist. I never inclined towards that philosophy, in either matters strictly material or those involving the subtle realms. High strange events thought to emanate from a single, solitary, self observing psyche are taboo, but nowhere near as taboo as, say, dreams shared between people with clairvoyant content or old timey group … Continue reading Collaborative Weather Art

Eric Wargo: Precognition, Meaning, and Pomegranates

Madonna of the Pomegranate c. 1487 by Sandro Boticellifrom the painting I talk about in the last segment of the show, my own picture Eric Wargo of The Nightshirt blog and "Time Loops" spoke with Roejen Razorwire and me about time loops, precognition and altered states, meaning and the topology of symbols, retrocausation and more … Continue reading Eric Wargo: Precognition, Meaning, and Pomegranates

Spiritual Friendship with Professor WHAM on the alexxcast

Alexx Bollen generously hosted Dr. C.S. Matthews aka Professor WHAM and me for a discussion taking off of my blog post on spiritual friendship. WHAM has an academic background in comparative religion, has practiced Sufism for a couple of decades, and has studied with north American Indigenous practitioners. She has recently published a survey of … Continue reading Spiritual Friendship with Professor WHAM on the alexxcast

Thoughts on Spiritual Friendship

An online conversation with fellow seeker Marco Acevedo got me thinking about the idea of a ‘spiritual friend’. It’s one English translation of ‘guru’, but i like the obvious English meaning - a friend with whom you share a sincere interest in spiritual growth. However, within these type of relationships it can happen that one … Continue reading Thoughts on Spiritual Friendship

Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

screenshot from my talk with a view from our deck during the fall 2017 firestorms in the Napa Valley On Sunday, September 27, 2020 I gave a presentation as part of the Strange Realities online conference titled "Wild Talents: Activate Your Capacity for Synchronicity". I enjoyed the experience tremendously and encourage you all to keep … Continue reading Wild Talents Synchronicity Report