David Metcalfe – Synchronicity, Magic, Moths, And The Nature Of Reality

Moth Silouette by David Metcalfe
‘Moth in Silhouette’ by David B. Metcalfe


I had an absolutely delightful time talking all things synchronicity with Roejen Razorwire and David Metcalfe on the Project Archivist podcast. We get into the cosmological and philosophical implications of these events (with an actual Licensed Philosopher), convey the deep emotional significance and uncanny nature of these events via personal example, and unravel synchronicity clusters unfolding in real time on the show.

Regarding the ‘cowalkers’ synchronicity David Metcalfe describes on the show, it only struck me later that the two octegenarian sisters who pick up trash along the trail are literally cowalkers too – they walk together. As I mention on the show the one sister was married to a sheriff, but the other was married to a man professionally involved with Levinson’s Owl Rexall stores – a Rexall store being a source of the dream lottery books and other drugstore grimoires of Metcalfe’s interest.
Listen here:


David B. Metcalfe’s blog

Follow him on Twitter

David Metcalfe will be appearing at the Strange Realities Conference in late September 2020

Anomaly Archives will be hosting a talk on Eugenia Macer-Story on August 8, 2020. Founder Smiles Lewis coined the term ‘synthetic synchronicity’

The podcast Weird Studies released an episode on John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies” the morning of the day we recorded this show. Not only did the hosts mention my ideas kindly on the show, but there were some interesting synchronicities interweaving the two shows’ discussions which I lay out in this post on the Weird Studies subreddit

People and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Pre-Cognitive Stock Market Dreamers

David Metcalfe discusses Dream Lottery books on Conspirinormal Podcast

Dr. C.S. Matthew’s “Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley”

Dr. Matthews is a frequent co host on Church of Mabus Radio as “Professor WHAM”

Reverend Robert Kirk wrote “The Secret Commonwealth”

Dr. Bernard Beitman studies synchronicity and serendipity

Dr. Sharon Rawlette (not mentioned on the show but very interesting synchronicity research)

Eric Wargo’s article on Pat Price and Remote Viewing

Eric Wargo’s article which i tried to psychically influence

Napa ‘CoWalker’ Sisters Pick Up Trash

Sheriff J.E. McTeer


My posts referenced on the show:

The Fight Club Synch with Roejen and Dr. Diana Pasulka


Premonitions on the alexxcast

My first synchronicity experiment

Danger Bridge Synchronicity Cluster (including the narwhal)

REDACTED: The Gnostic Closet

My previous shows with Roejen on Project Archivist, in the longer one we discuss telepathic empathy and his discomfort with these experiences

My Method for Inducing Synchronicities

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