Haunting My Mom

me and my mom This is the story of a pretty mild haunting in terms of the observed effects - simply the sound of footsteps and a feeling of being watched over lovingly by a female presence. However, subsequent events shed light on the likely cause of this classic style haunting and it raises deep … Continue reading Haunting My Mom

Instantiation MOTH!

Phil Ford: “The phenomenon has a tendency to tell on you.” This article covers synchronicities which popped up around the recording of a show on synchronicities which I recorded with Roejen Razorwire and David Metcalfe in July 2020. I specifically set out to try and induce synchronicities around this show (including with anyone listening to … Continue reading Instantiation MOTH!

Surreal Premonition: PK, Family Ties, and the Elements

Bryan Quick's photo of the McCloud River from the Pacific Crest Trail captures the charisma and dangerous allure of the element of water. Follow Bryan Quick at @AcmeHuntingGear Deziree Lynn generously shared this account with me of a high strange event her family experienced. Deziree and I were on a zoom with fellow paraweird aficionados … Continue reading Surreal Premonition: PK, Family Ties, and the Elements

“Tinkerbell Gets a Bad Rap!”

Melanie Piekema’s photo collage evokes the erotic charisma of the stars, the power of the dead, and even tips it’s hat to flying saucer lore with the glittering arc of the ashtray at top right. Whitley Strieber and others with repeated, intimate contact with aliens have reported finding cigarette butts they suspect are linked to … Continue reading “Tinkerbell Gets a Bad Rap!”

Thoughts on Spiritual Friendship

An online conversation with fellow seeker Marco Acevedo got me thinking about the idea of a ‘spiritual friend’. It’s one English translation of ‘guru’, but i like the obvious English meaning - a friend with whom you share a sincere interest in spiritual growth. However, within these type of relationships it can happen that one … Continue reading Thoughts on Spiritual Friendship

Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

screenshot from my talk with a view from our deck during the fall 2017 firestorms in the Napa Valley On Sunday, September 27, 2020 I gave a presentation as part of the Strange Realities online conference titled "Wild Talents: Activate Your Capacity for Synchronicity". I enjoyed the experience tremendously and encourage you all to keep … Continue reading Wild Talents Synchronicity Report

David Metcalfe – Synchronicity, Magic, Moths, And The Nature Of Reality

  I had an absolutely delightful time talking all things synchronicity with Roejen Razorwire and David Metcalfe on the Project Archivist podcast. We get into the cosmological and philosophical implications of these events (with an actual Licensed Philosopher), convey the deep emotional significance and uncanny nature of these events via personal example, and unravel synchronicity … Continue reading David Metcalfe – Synchronicity, Magic, Moths, And The Nature Of Reality

Resources for Psychic Development

This is a list of some resources for practices which may be helpful to people who are experiencing spontaneous paranormal phenomena. The general idea is for the experiencer to pursue esoteric exercises in order to develop a more conscious and skillful relationship with the parts of themselves producing these phenomena. This should lead to greater … Continue reading Resources for Psychic Development

So You’re In Love With An Angel

You’ve grown overly fond of a reptilian; your dead lover has shown up demanding nookie from beyond the grave; your wife’s aspect in the form of an alternate dimensional mantid queen is showing you the best time you’ve ever had in bed - in short, you’ve become erotically entangled with a discarnate being. In this … Continue reading So You’re In Love With An Angel