Instantiation MOTH!

Phil Ford: “The phenomenon has a tendency to tell on you.”

This article covers synchronicities which popped up around the recording of a show on synchronicities which I recorded with Roejen Razorwire and David Metcalfe in July 2020. I specifically set out to try and induce synchronicities around this show (including with anyone listening to the show). 

As Eric Wargo lays out in his ‘Time Loops’ theory, most paraweird phenomenon seem to be propelled into consensus reality by heavily charged, often shadow emotional material. The emotionally charged material may not even be particularly taboo or scandalous, just private or challenging to the individuals experiencing the emotion. 

In this series of synchronicities I feel that a lot of the emotional fuel came from Roejen Razorwire’s group of fellow telepathic empaths, who help one another navigate this strange talent. They have taken as their mascot the lowly moth (Razorwire talks about his experience with empathy in this podcast). My own difficulty walking, which originates in the pelvis, likely provided more fuel to this fire. David Metcalfe cultivates a Casteneda-like inscrutability regarding his personal life, so unless we coordinate an expedition to sort through his trash we may never be privy to his role in these events.

I post this here as an example of the type of events which may unfold around experimentation with focused attention. I hope to have provided enough context and documentation for readers to grasp the uncanny nature of the events, and thus ponder them as they will.

Main Themes: Moths (Mothman, Mothra, Moths Drawn to Flames, actual insects); Twins (co WALK ers, doppelgangers, twins, mating, couples – this theme is not always a straight symbol but may be recognized through relationship or activity), OWLS, Widows, Shadow Material revealed by synchs

Dates Covered: Jan 11-Aug 30 2020

January 11

I end up in the ER after a bout of probably influenza which started in mid December. When i see the label on the prescription i’m given, due to the dot matrix-y printer it looks like i’ve been treated by Dr. Mothman! (actually Dr. Nothmann).

June 12

Loren Coleman lets me know that Fortean author John Keel was on his way to study winged cat reports when he went to West Virginia and fell into the Mothman flap, in response to a tweet I posted on twitter saying that I was prepping for a show on winged cats for the alexxcast 

Around this time I decide to put together a show on synchronicities (focusing on my own synchronicities and methods) and recruit Roejen Razorwire to host the show on the Project: Archivist podcast and David Metcalfe as guest.

July 10

On Weird Studies twitter Phil Ford says he is re-reading Keel’s “Mothman” and mentions Keel’s observation that the entities from elsewhere seem fascinated with our mating practices. While reading/participating in the resulting tweet thread a correspondent (who is not on twitter) DM’s me a picture of an ‘owl gal’ license plate which he saw while out doing errands. I received his DM shortly after mentioning Mike Clelland (the owl guy) and his lady friend (gal) in response to Phil’s observation.  Phil also mentions ‘shapely widows’

July 17-19ish

I complain to my mom (verbally a couple days before we record) and Roejen (on messenger the day we record the show) about my nervousness and tendency to have lurid and lewd synchs – involving underwear, decapitation, fire – and my lack of credentials (Cherylee Black had just been interviewed on Where Did The Road Go? about the scientific investigation of PK, which is the video i reference here) (come to think of it my nervousness about all of this no doubt served as more emotional fuel)

July 20

Mom reads a front page story in our local paper about widowed sisters picking up trash while walking on our local trail-they say underwear is the weirdest thing they find so mom brought it to my attention. I notice these sisters were both married to men reflecting two of Metcalfe’s research interests – a sheriff and a guy who worked for Owl Rexall

July 22

The day Roejen and Metcalfe and I record the synchronicity show
While out on my morning walk I see two moths on the trail mating – twinned – and pick them up and put them off of the trail so they don’t get squashed (see featured photo)

I see that Weird Studies has dropped an episode on Keel’s Mothman Prophecies

I listen to the WS Mothman show and find that a blog post of mine is discussed on the episode – specifically the blog post talking about the paranormal’s tendency to reveal shadow, uncomfortable material (like panty obsessions and firestorms)

While Recording the Show – listen at link
I bring up the moths I saw on the trail and Roejen talks about how moths are the mascots/central metaphor of a group of telepathic empaths he is in who support each other. They even all have bracelets with the same saying about moths on them. Dealing with the reality of telepathic bleedover of other peoples’ thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations has been a real challenge for Roejen and the support of this group has made a huge difference for him in this area.

Metcalfe talks about the fairy twin princesses who sing to mothra to manifest him.

Metcalfe recounts his own ‘cowalkers’ synchronicity (as show homework I asked him and Roejen to keep an eye out for any synchronicities) and I remark on it’s resonance with the doppelgangers I saw walking in my blog’s titular ‘ghost dog’ incident (which was my first synchronicity experiment).
Metcalfe goes on a big soliloquy about Sheriff McTeer and I gather the courage to talk about the trail walking trash picking sister widow cowalkers. I am still embarrassed though and only bring up the Sheriff angle, not the Rexall one.

July 23
Marco Acevedo are both members of a podcast fan Facebook group. On this day he posted about some knocks he heard in the forest, speculating about possible bigfoot or ?  I teasingly tell him it could be poltergeist RSPK and that ‘the bigfoot might be YOU!’ In response, he mentions that he was just listening to the WS mothman episode and was especially intrigued with the idea of Keel being the author of his own weird experiences.

August 30

Marco Acevedo had listened to the first part of the PA synch show weeks previously. On the night of Aug 29 the movie “Mothra” became available on netflix and he watched the show with his twins. The next day he resumed listening to the show and it was just at the part where David describes the twin princesses singing to Mothra. For extra twin goodness Marco is a Gemini.

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